Fields by night - C&C very welcome


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For some time already I'm thinking about a project on night shots of my orchards, including some old, small houses the farmers used in the past to shield themselves from the occasional rain, or used overnight when working in distant fields. Tried some timelapses too, but that really needs practice.

I think some shots turned out ok - at first I thought I messed up by having a full moon out, but with some improvements I think I could have some good shots. Here are the tests, please let me know what you think, thanks!

14225455079_d42613191a_b.jpg P1120550 by Cadenela, on Flickr

14225489668_b28c7e700d_b.jpg P1120556 by Cadenela, on Flickr

14410800162_312c5c611d_b.jpg P1120558 by Cadenela, on Flickr

14410802152_d70827e594_b.jpg P1120560 by Cadenela, on Flickr

14410802842_fa0b261b86_b.jpg P1120563 by Cadenela, on Flickr


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@ Randy - please do so! I think the full moon may help when/if you want to have more focus on the landscapre, rather than the stars (and in that case, I found having the moon out of the shot helps)
Otherwise, better go out when there's no moon.

Next time (in 15 days, no moon!), I'll need to try and use a flash for lighting the stone buildings, maybe the effect will be different.

I'd like to see your variations on my shots, do let me know when you make them.


Will include in the frame when I retry the setup with some amendments!