FF equivalent focal length factor of lenses using 1:1 aspect ratio

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    Hey, I was wondering something & do not have the energy right now to do the math on it so I was hoping someone would like to figure out and answer this for me.
    I know that the FF equivalent focal length for lenses when using them on µ4/3 cameras is x2, based on the diagonal angle of view. But what is the equivalent focal length factor of lenses using 1:1 aspect ratio, and what is it using 1:1 on a GH2, which has a longer diagonal in 1:1 mode due to its multi-aspect sensor.?

    Thank you in advance.
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    The GH2's multi-aspect sensor only supports 4:3, 3:2 and 16:9 natively. 1:1 is just a crop of 4:3. It gives you roughly a 2.35x crop factor (diagonal of 18.4mm vs. 43.3mm on FF).
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    I'm not sure exactly what you are asking here. Dara has given you the crop factor for 1:1 on 4/3 compared with 3:2 on FF, using the diagonals of each as the means of comparison (crop factor can also be calculated based on format area, which will give a slightly different answer (more info here).

    The crop factor of 1:1 on 4/3 compared with 1:1 on FF is approximately 1.85x (based on full frame size of 24x24mm and 4:3 size of 13x13mm).
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    Yea that's it .. thanks, that is what I wanted to know ..
    Didn't feel like thinking, I been sick in bed today ;)

    Don't worry, Dara understood the question I asked and gave me the answer.
    Thank you for all the extra info & for trying to help

    So roughly a 2.35x crop factor. Nice!.
    So that makes my 20-80mm c-mount equivalent to a 47 - 188mm
    and my 12.5-105mm lens roughly equivalent to a 29.38 - 246.75mm