Feel and fee go of mu-43


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Is it possible to change feel and go feeling of this great forum to match dpr ?
I personally prefer simple sites / forums, I'm still not used to this forum.
Maybe too many ads, different navigation structure?
Can set-up be changed?
What you think?


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Personally, I stay as far away as possible from DPR.
I don't like the atmosphere and I feel lost there.
Here, the atmosphere is more member friendly.
You come up with enough image threads and get responses.
That's a welcomed thing here, dunno about over there.
Thanks for your involvement and interest here.


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Herman are you talking about the set up of this forum? Maybe if you tell us what it is that confuses you we can explain how to simplify it for you?

For example, for me, one important key is that once I've read all the new or active threads, I use the Quick Links drop down menu and click on Mark Forum Read which makes everything nice and fresh so that I can easily see when there are new posts the next time I come on and I click New Posts.


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For what it's worth I find the dpreview forum most unattractive to use, this format is far superior, so my vote says please leave well alone, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


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Be like me, escape any undue influences and just stay logged in 24/7.:biggrin:


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I hate the setup of DPR's forums. Nothing personal Herman. They have a lot of trolls there too.

These forums are great the way they are.


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herman..... hang out........ post a few photos.... start a thread or 2, and you will feel at home here in no time ,

this is a friendly and helpful group of micro 4\3 enthusiasts , trust me you will be as at home here .it does not matter if your just startin out or a sagey veteran of the photojournalism type , start lookin thru the old posts for what interests you, or ask if you need something ..

but sir dont ask us to change the forum ..... you go too far my good man!
:biggrin: ......just kidding ...

a warm welcome , and hope you come to enjoy the forum as much as i do


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If some of us spent as much time with our photos as they do with their avatars...we would be even better :rofl:

Excuse me while I go find a really, really, really, cool looking one.


hey, I didn't start this:cool:


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Don't you know that the Dark Side always uses a black background with pale lettering? In the old days, the Dark Side would use blackened flesh, with blood as text. It's the way it is, for a reason. When you can't stand the light, you live in the dark. :eek: