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    A favourite setting for my Pen cameras when shooting as I am walking around, is a Custom Shutter Speed Priority setting. I have made my settings the way that I want and then assign that configuration to the Shutter Speed dial. This way, when I turn my camera on with the dial set to S, these settings are available even if I have adjusted them previously.

    I am generally working with my 14-42 kit lens for fast street shooting, so find that a preset of 1/500'th second works well. I then am able to use Auto ISO and set those values at ISO 3200 max and 400 min. SAF with face priority as I am generally including people in my shots. Image Stabilization is off as I have found a doubling of the image on occasion when shooting with a faster shutter speed while IS is on.

    I shoot very quickly and walk up on scenes and disappear just as quickly, and these settings suit me well in most conditions. This evening my wife and I went out for our last restaurant meal in Leon before heading home on Monday, and while walking home I had my camera in hand and was just firing on subject matter that I came across. Here are a small selection in the order that they were taken:





    With this last shot I was almost right on top of the kid at a street corner, where he was peeking around the edge. As soon as I took the shot, he called his buddy and went running away. Anne was a bit ahead of me and had noticed that they threw a small black package onto the street, and were watching to see what happened when cars drove over it. The boy was obviously so intent on that, that he didn't notice I was grabbing this shot. I triggered the shot by tapping my tipped out LCD screen.

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