Fantastic Fuji X100 after FW update :)

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  1. Bhupinder2002

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    Hi Guys ..
    I am in love with Fuji X100 and after new firmware update , this is a like a new offering from Fuji. Here are few shots . Comments and suggestions are welcome . These are SOOC JPEGS.


    Fuji X100 by bhupinder2002, on Flickr

    2) 10492163596_72322aca9f_b.jpg
    Bubbles.... by bhupinder2002, on Flickr

    Diwali.... by bhupinder2002, on Flickr

    Smoking by bhupinder2002, on Flickr


    image by bhupinder2002, on Flickr


    image by bhupinder2002, on Flickr


    image by bhupinder2002, on Flickr

    image by bhupinder2002, on Flickr

    image by bhupinder2002, on Flickr


    image by bhupinder2002, on Flickr

    image by bhupinder2002, on Flickr
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  2. RevBob

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    Jun 4, 2011
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    Beautiful set - Fuji color has always been excellent. Exactly what did the FW update change/improve?
  3. Bhupinder2002

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    Mainly AF and close focusing distance . There are few other things but they hardly matter to me .
  4. Dduval

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    Aug 13, 2013
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    Number 2 is my fav, all well done. And I agree, my x100 is like a new camera. Fuji's support for such an old camera is incredible.
  5. phl0wtography

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    Apr 15, 2011
    Thanks for those.
    I am looking into getting a 28 or 35, and narrowed it down to Ricoh GR or used X100, or Olympus 17/1.8. I like both FL, hear nothing but praise from the GR, but thanks to the new firmware the X100 is quite the bang for your buck.
    I am shifting towards the GR though because there's no comparable 28 for m4/3 (I used the P14, and while I consider it good enough, it doesn't hold a candle to the lens on the GR), and because of stellar reviews I read about it especially when using it for B&W which I shoot almost exclusively. Against the X100 stands the fact, that there is a very good 35 in the 17/1.8 Olympus is offering, that wouldn't require getting another camera.
    I guess you have experience with all those optics, Bhupinder. How is the X100's 35/2 compared to the O17/1.8?

  6. chipbutty

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    The firmware update Ver.2.00 form ver.1.30 incorporates the following issues:
    1.Improvement of AF speed
    Approximately 20% faster AF speed is achieved in various conditions such as bright scenes, dark scenes and changed focus distance compared to the previous firmware version.
    2.Improvement of close-up focus performance
    The focus distance from the lens surface without switching to macro mode is approximately 30% shorter compared to previous firmware version.
    3."Focus Peak Highlight" function for manual focusing is added.
    The function, which features on FUJIFILM X100S and X20, is added and assists accurate and sensitive manual focusing by enhancing the outline of your subject in high contrast.
    * With this update, "Focus Peak Highlight" function is selected as a default setting. Pressing the center of the command dial for a while enables you to switch the setting of "Focus Peak Highlight" and "STANDARD" (off of "Focus Peak Highlight"). And "MF ASSIST" is added in SHOOTING MENU where you can select "HIGH" and "LOW" in "Focus Peak Highlight" and "STANDARD".
    4.Improved manual focus operation
    This makes it easier to capture the peak of the focus by displaying the image with shallow depth of field, using open aperture, when adjusting the focus with the electronic view finder or the LCD.
    5.Faster start-up time
    The camera start-up time is shortened by approximately 0.2 second with QUICK START mode OFF.
    6.Improved operability of selecting focus area
    Previously, the focus area was selected while holding the AF button on the back. With the upgraded firmware, pressing the AF button will switch to the focus area selection screen and the area of your choice can then be selected.
    7.The phenomenon is fixed that a camera will automatically turn off during "Bulb (B)" shooting with the "CONTINUOUS" setting in "IMAGE DISP."
  7. chipbutty

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    For me the improvement to the manual focus ring operation is incredible. It's gone from being unusable to good and that's without the addition of Focus Peaking. With Focus Peaking it is very good.