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    For almost 70 years my grandfather owned and operated Roswell Motor Supply in Roswell, NM. My father ran Roswell Machine shop out of the building next door for over 20yrs. The buildings have since fallen into disrepair and my family has sold the property in the heart of Roswell. Soon the buildings will likely be torn down and the pictures I took today of them will likely be the last ever taken of them.

    2016-02-21_03-56-41.jpg 2016-02-21_03-57-24.jpg 2016-02-21_03-57-06.jpg 2016-02-21_03-57-11.jpg 2016-02-21_03-56-54.jpg

    My father was diagnosed with stage 4 adrenal gland cancer this week and I am posting these photos in honor of hI'm and the life he spent within these buildings.

    Pictures were taken with an olympus omd em10 and panasonic 14mm f2.5. I am posting from my phone and hope these work right.
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