Fairly Large Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review :)

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    Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is allowed (I looked through the FAQ and could not find it), but I wanted to inform everyone of a review I've finally finished at my web site


    The site is completely ad-free, very new but I just finished a 7500+ word review on the camera. I was hoping, if possible, anyone that would be interested in reading would go through the review and give me some good critique.

    This is my first review of this kind, I wanted to keep it light reading and not getting too technical, but talk about as much as the camera as I could.

    Thank you and sorry if this type of post is discouraged, I will understand if admin deletes it!


    The link above takes you directly to the review, I hope you enjoy reading it!

    - Smitty
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