External microphone on OMD EM1 mk1

Discussion in 'Filmmaking' started by Janoly, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Apr 22, 2017
    After doing a lot of research into which external microphone to use with my EM1 mk1 this is what I found out.

    When I first started looking at using an external microphone for the obvious reasons I found there is hardly any information available about which microphone will work...
    I tried several; the Boya BY-SM80, Tascam TM-2X and RODE stereo PRO. None of them worked.
    The little information I found on forums confirmed that passive microphones like the Tascam will not work. The EM1 mk2 and EM5 mk2 have the option to provide power to the mike input. Not my EM1 mk1. I could not understand why the RODE did not work. It is a powered mike with a +20dB option. More than enough signal I would think.
    I called Olympus (nice folks) but they had no clue. Contacted RODE. They had no clue either. Olympus suggested I send my camera (bought in october 2016) in for a checkup. So I did. It came back fine. Mike input works. They even sent me a sample audio file.

    I then decided to take my camera to my dealer and try several mikes. In the meantime I started looking at audio recorders and how to add the audio in post production in Premiere Elements.
    I decided to go for the ZOOM H2n. I tested it when visiting the dealer and it works when I connect the headphone output to the mike input of my camera. I have to set my input level all the way down which is good for the noise level. The output level of the ZOOM needs to go down almost all the way too. One more plus for the noise level. I ordered a Rycote dead cat and a MOVO SMM5-R shock mount. Waiting for the latter two I still have to test the final setup.

    So far so good. I hope this helps anyone considering using an external audio recording device on the OMD EM1 mk1
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    If noise levels are a concern, you might be better off using some passive attenuation between the headphone output and the mic input, rather than just cranking all the levels down, since often the headphone volume control doesn't actually reduce the self-noise of the output stage. May or may not be worth considering, depending on the specifics of the situation, but for the cost of a few resistors it can be a substantial improvement in some cases.

    EDIT: Apparently this exact thing is also available commercially, if you're not the DIY type:

    Movo MV-RC100 3.5mm Line-to-Microphone Attenuator Cable for HDSLR Cameras | eBay
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