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Dec 6, 2012
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Randall Todd
Sorry if this has been discussed before.

I am finding that both my EM-1 bodies give me under exposures when the meter is zeroed out. I can take a photo of an average scene, and the histogram shows the photo to be underexposed about 1/3 stop. I realize this isn't much, but it is annoying.

Here's what I've done...

I did some testing using the Photovision calibration target. Those not familiar, it's a collapsable disc that has black, gray, and white, and can be used for white balance and to set exposure. So, I set one camera body to manual, set the exposure to be zero, and photographed the target. There should have been three spikes representing the black, gray, and white areas of the target (I did fill the screen with the entire target), and these spikes should have been pretty well centered in the histogram, but they weren't. The next step was to go to the cogs menu, then to Utilities, and to exposure adjustment. I started with matrix metering and adjusted until I got the correct histogram. This required a +2/6 adjustment. Surprisingly, center weighted and spot did not require adjusting. After making this adjustment, my lcd indicated the next photo I was about to take was correctly exposed, and the histogram confirmed it...and of course the meter was at zero again. After taking several random photos around the house, I seem to be getting much better results.

On my second body, the adjustments were, matrix at +2/6, center weighted at +1/6, and spot at +3/6.

Just wondering how many people have made these adjustments, how much you had to adjust, and if the results were satisfactory.

Also, I did call Olympus and it was suggested to send photos showing the problem and a senior tech would get back with me...not the way I like to solve problems.
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