Experience with EM10 and CA correction?


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I prefer jpg, and am looking for a simpler life, so jpg and minimal post production is where I've been shooting the last 6 months +

I liked the EM5 I had, but my favorite lenses (PL25 and others) had heavy CA (especially purple fringing).

Has anyone used the EM10 w/it's auto-correct CA? How's it working with some of the more suspect lenses?

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I shoot jpeg and I still see minor CA to some degree on my E-M10. Though I have a process I use when editing to minimize it. Honestly I don't think it's that bad, but then I shoot DSLRs where it's far more noticeable.


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I have an E-M10 and several original Panasonic m43 lenses (as well as two others that are not). It appears that the E-M10 is not correcting CA from the Pana 14-45, at least in strong light/dark contrast situations. I just fix it in post. I don't see any with the Oly 45/1.8 in the same test scenario, so I'm assuming my E-M10 corrects for it. I haven't noticed any with my 7.5 fisheye.


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I have the E-M1, that has the same image processor as the E-M10, and CA is much lower than it is with the E-M5. The difference is very obvious with a lens like the 17/1.8, 9-18 zoom, 14/2.5 and even the 25/1.8. When the prices on the E-M10 start coming down, I'll probably pick one up for times when I want something smaller and lighter than the E-M1.