EVFs, LCDs, is it just me or do Panny and Oly have non-compete clauses?


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Jan 19, 2010
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So, I just received my Olympus VF-2 detachable viewfinder, and it, well, dreamy! Having owned both the Panasonic and Olympus detachable EVFs, I find the compare and contrast extremely frustrating. It seems on every major point, one brand has conceded to the other.

First off though, I will start by saying the overall build quality of both EVFs is very high. But as you break it down you'll see where I am going.

Resolution - Panasonic bit the bullet so that the Olympus version could be simply amazing. The Panny EVF for the GF1 is serviceable - good for bright daylight, and helping to stabilize your body with longer lenses, but the resolution is horrible and close to useless for MF. The Olympus EVF resolution on the other hand is bright as day, extremely sharp, does both things the Panasonic does, and on top of all that makes manual focus significantly easier.

This second point is what really set off this mini-rant of mine! The carrying case. The compact leather pouch, perfectly sized with a slot to hold the EVF in place that comes with the Panasonic EVF is a nice piece of quality workmanship. So here, I guess Olympus had to concede - a felt, velcroed sack (...of something...!). There is not a snowball's chance in hell I will be trusting a $250 piece of electronics to that, it is a piece of work alright.

When it comes to the LCDs (again comparing only the e-pl1 and gf1 here), since Panasonic conceded their viewfinder, Olympus has done the opposite for the LCD - of course, it is serviceable, works fine really (certainly not a detriment), but the Panasonic LCD is light years ahead in side-by-side comparison.

I think I could go on, but will leave my mini-rant at the LCDs and EVFs. That felt pouch made me mad! OK, deep breath, I am better :)


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Feb 8, 2010
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Peter Randal
That case

Since I leave my EVF on all the time, the case is used to hold the EVF pouch and an extra battery.

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