EVF while LCD flipped out E-P5?

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by rpringle, Jan 18, 2014.

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    Jan 9, 2014
    Hello I've been shooting with the E-P5 for a day now and last night while doing some astrophotography I noticed it won't switch over to EVF if I also have the lcd flipped out? I could do this on the E-M5, is there some kind of setting that would enable this? I like to be able to compose my shot with the EVF but then see my photo pop up on the lcd at the end of the exposure.

    Update: it seems that the EVF cuts out when the LCD is tilted to about 20-30 degrees, this is sort of irritating because I could put the E-M5's lcd in any position and still view the EVF at any time.

    Ok so this is odd... I turned off EVF auto switching and NOW if I flip out the lcd I can push the EVF button and it'll switch with the LCD in any position... WHY? I don't see why it won't just automatically do it. Is there something wrong with my camera? Wonder if someone else with an E-P5 can confirm this behavior? Thanks
  2. They did this because if the auto-switching is turned on while the rear screen is flipped out, the screen would turn off if the camera was too close to your body or any time you went to use the touchscreen. Just in case you weren't aware if you hold down the button on the EVF for a second it is a shortcut to the screen that allows to turn the eye sensor on or off.
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    Jan 9, 2014
    Thanks Lucky I found that out. Sort of annoying but the only time I want to use LCD and EVF at the same time when it's flipped out is for astrophotography on a tripod where I'm using weird angles. Just have to do it manually when I plan on doing that kind of work. Did they also do away with the 3 EVF layouts that the E-M5 had? I never really used them but just curious. I haven't familiarized myself with all the menus and functions yet.
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    Funny to me that this feature annoys you, because I'm dying to have it. The EVF eye sensor on my EM-5 is too sensitive, particularly when trying to touch the screen.