Evf questions

So I'm looking to start off with a Pm2 and start gathering good glass.

I was also looking at attachable evf. But don't know much about them and the different versions of them and which model number will in all honestly be worth investing in.

Can anyone break it down for me? Or send me a link to a thread already covering this? Tried to search but currently in Costa Rica and tapatalk isn't currently working for me when trying to search :/


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I recently got the VF-2 for my PEN - don't regret the purchase, makes shooting in sunlight a joy. My non-technical summary:

VF-2: high resolution, great colours, larger in size than the VF-3, no locking pin (never fallen off on my PEN though)
VF-3: less expensive than the VF-2, a bit smaller on the PEN, has locking pin, but resolution/colours are not as good (I believe the difference is significant) - still fine for framing your shots
VF-4: slightly better res/colours than the VF-2, most expensive, largest of the three. has a eye sensor but that wont work with your pm2.

In my opinion the VF-4 might be overkill for the your PM2 (though you wont regret getting it) - and I would settle for the VF-2. If you're thinking of using legacy manual focus glass, then the VF-3 might not have the resolution you need to nail focus - but it's still a huge leap up from squinting at the LCD in sunlight.

Here's a thread where someone did a good comparison: https://www.mu-43.com/showthread.php?t=38882&highlight=VF-2


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I've been using VF-2 with my E-PM1 and it was great.
It has no locking pin, but never fell off the body + it has larger resolution (compared to VF-3).

VF-4 is the best, it is the same as the viewfinder in my E-M1. But for mini-pen I would buy VF-2.


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1,440.000 pixels</SPAN>
2,360.000 pixels</SPAN>
Field of view</SPAN>
Approx. 1,15 (equivalent to x0,58 for 35 mm</SPAN>
1,48 (equivalent to x0,74 for 35 mm)</SPAN>
18 mm</SPAN>
21 mm</SPAN>
Dioptre adjustment</SPAN>
-3.0/ +1.0</SPAN>
-4.0 / +2.0</SPAN>
Dimension (WxHxD)</SPAN>
1.15 x 1.9 x 1.82"</SPAN>
(2.92 x 4.82 x 4.62 cm)</SPAN>
1.12 x 1.99 x 1.88"</SPAN>
(2.84 x 5.05 x 4.78 cm)</SPAN>
Approx. 1.2 oz (32 g) without cover</SPAN>
Approx. 1.47 oz (41.8 g) without case</SPAN>
Important : for persons wearing glasses, Eye-Point and Dioptre adjustment are paramount</SPAN>

Thanks for the help guys!! Gonna try to find one here on the site! Would like to have some type of evf for the daily use so I might go with the vf2

Really appreciate the quick response :)