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  1. My wife asked me to be the official photographer for the retirement party of a coworker. I obliged her – and it worked out well; I knew no one there but had something to do.

    I frequently use my Panasonic f1.7/20mm lens for these types of events. The lens is sharp wide open (though I usually use it at f2.0), it has fast and accurate auto focus, and is small and easy to handle. I also have the Panasonic 12-35mm zoom, but I rather prefer the f1.7/20 and I zoom with my arms, using the back panel for viewing. The lighting was poor so I used my Olympus FL-36 flash in the Auto mode. Auto mode provides much faster recharging times than Auto-TTL. With the camera set to f2.0, 1/100 and ISO 320 I get consistently well exposed images at all reasonable distances.

    After a while, I decided to throw on my favorite adapted lens, a 1970s Takumar f1.4/50. This lens is very soft wide open, so I set it between f2.0 and f2.8. The flash will only work in Manual or Auto-TTL with an adapted lens, so I switched it to Auto-TTL. This adds shutter delay and increases the recharge time, but it is better than the alternative to use full manual settings on the flash.

    With its bright optics and long focus throw, the old Takumar is easy to focus. I muffed a few, but for the most part I was able to get images that are just as sharp as an auto-focus lens. The increased bokeh and narrower view angle provide a pleasing change to the images in the completed album. It’s not the lens to use all the time, but it is entertaining to use and adds to the variety of a series of photos.

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  2. madogvelkor

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    Feb 22, 2013
    Nice work! I've used an OM system 50mm 1.4 in similar situations. For larger rooms the 20mm is just too wide sometimes.
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    Nice work! I am a rookie in event photography. A few weeks ago I tried one, I brought along with me my EM5 and 5DIII, indeed I would like to use my manual lenses but then I realized it was not an easy task and I could not risk missing the moments so I only stuck with my AF lenses. That night I decided to have the 12mm F2 on my EM5 and Canon 50 F1.2 on my 5DIII, that covered most of the range needed in the indoor venue. Yet in long term I think I need a zoom to increase some versatility.
    Maybe next time if it's a private event I might try out some adapted lenses :)