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Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by jeffryscott, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Had lunch with a former colleague last week. It was a reality check for me after getting caught up in gear talk and switching systems, etc ...

    We were both photogs at the newspaper. I left to change careers after seeing the writing on the wall. He left when he and half the remaining staff were laid off.

    I'm at home, with my new job trying to find the right gear for what I may want to shoot, and trying to find the time with the kids' schedule to find time to shoot. He, being unmarried and kidless (thus free) just got back from 13 months at the bottom of the Grand Canyon working, hiking and photographing. Then he traveled to 19 countries in the last seven months.

    We talked gear a tiny bit as I mentioned I'd just got some new stuff to try to start shooting again. He mentioned his 24 1.8 Sigma was in for repair, and he wasn't sure if he wanted to fix it or get something else. His 7D and 5dMkII, 50 1.8 and 135 2 had made it around the world unscathed, but the Sigma stopped AF'ing.

    I mentioned the Sigma 18-35 1.8, he hadn't heard of it. He was interested. I mentioned it was only for APS. He didn't know what APS was by name, he just new the 7D was a crop sensor. I mentioned m43 might be a great option as he complained of the weight (he wants to continue to travel and shoot). He'd not heard of it.

    It made me realize how gear obsessed I am, and how far away from actually shooting I am ...

    That said, I'm trying to get out when I can. I just need to make it work as best as I can. Here's one with the kids from last week at a carnival, and one of the reasons I wanted to get better AF-C and got a Nikon kit (miss m43 though).

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    Great post. I manage to get out and shoot weekly but I am still among the ranks of the gear obsessed. Always looking for the next big thing when a quick review of past efforts would remind me that what I have is perfect. Photography magazines reinforce the need to consume and, unfortunately, so do some photography websites and forums.

    By the way, your images on your website are terrific.
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