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    Mar 12, 2013
    I was about to order some more Epson paper but stopped myself so that I could ask about the differences. I have been using Epson ultra glossy A4 and it's ok, I have been using Epson premium glossy 10x15 and it too seems ok. There is Epson glossy photo paper (not premium or ultra) for a good price on Amazon. What are peoples thoughts on the various papers. I have been using Epson premium glossy photo paper profile for all of my prints, including the ultra paper. Is this a mistake and should I download profiles for whatever paper I decide on or would the premium glossy cover all?
  2. Paper Alternatives

    I began using Red River papers several years ago. They are quite a bit less expensive than Epson (and many others) because you buy direct from Red River. have an excellent selection to chose from and a good range of sizes. They also have profiles posted for popular printers. (I use an Epson 1400 but I don't use Epson inks, so I have some minor color issues to deal with.) The outfit is a pleasure to deal with and they ship quickly.

    Papers I particularly like are:

    Gloss - Arctic Polar Gloss

    Semi Gloss - UltraPro Satin

    Matte - Fine Art White or San Gabriel Fiber

    Note that the Fine Art White can be printed on both sides, which is very efficient for test prints.