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    There's a bunch of letters!

    I have a Pen EPL1, and like to use the IS1 setting. No problem, as it seemed happy to work with the kit zoom.

    Then I bought the 15mm lens, and set the IS focal length setting accordingly. I don't imagine it's much of an issue with a wide angle, but I did anyway.

    When I fitted the 40-150 zoom, I checked the settings, and noticed it still said 16mm (I don't expect they anticipated making a 15mm lens when they set it up). I'd been using the 14-42 in between, so it surprised me. And there's no 'Auto' setting for focal length.

    I checked my EXIF data, and it seems to know which lens is fitted. Should I just ignore the setting and carry on? I just want the confidence that the camera's stabilising properly, and the shakes are all me.
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    The IS focal length is always Auto when it can digitally read the focal length of the lens, which will be any time an auto 4/3 or m4/3 lens is mounted. The manual focal length setting is only used for manual glass and will remain at the last setting you used until the next time you mount a manual lens. When an auto lens is mounted, it will ignore the manually inputted focal length.
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    Oct 15, 2010
    If you are using native lenses, I believe the IS takes care of itself, as you saw that it recognizes the focal length of the lens attached.

    Edit: Didn't see Ned's reply there. If Ned says it is so, then you can bet the farm that it is so. :biggrin:
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    Oct 10, 2013
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    Aye. I've just been reading a couple of Ned's answers in other threads. Very informative.

    Thanks both for very quick responses.

    Just to clarify: If I'm using an Olympus mu-43 lens, it doesn't matter what the focal length setting says? I expected it to be blank or 'Auto' or some such.