Ep3 shoots a magazine cover!

Apr 2, 2013
Louisville KY
Real Name
Aaron Long
I have been off and on this site for a couple years now posting here and there but nothing really major.

My name is Aaron Long and I am a photographer based out of Louisville KY and I mainly specialize in automotive photography. I work freelance for a couple websites and for Mini Truckin' magazine. Ive been published in Mini Truckin' 6 or 7 times but back in the fall of 2013 I landed my first cover shoot which found its way onto the April issue of the magazine.

cover by Aaron Long Photo, on Flickr

Centerfold :wink:
center fold by Aaron Long Photo, on Flickr

mini truckin (2) by Aaron Long Photo, on Flickr

I only had one shot at getting the pictures I needed for the feature because the truck is from Michigan and I live in Kentucky so i drove 6 hours to a car show in Akron Ohio only to get there to pouring rain. I got lucky though and the rain stopped for about a hour and I was able to get all the shots I needed.

I used my trusty EP3 and panasonic 20mm 1.7 for the shoot and I was extremely please with what it cranked out for me.

Here are some of the images used:

ranger-2 by Aaron Long Photo, on Flickr

ranger-16 by Aaron Long Photo, on Flickr

ranger-14 by Aaron Long Photo, on Flickr

ranger-10 by Aaron Long Photo, on Flickr

ranger-7 by Aaron Long Photo, on Flickr

ranger-8 by Aaron Long Photo, on Flickr

I also managed to land 2 other smaller features in the same issue which made this achievement a lot sweeter for me. the other 2 where shot at a car show earlier in the year with a different setup but it was still a M4/3 :wink:


Mu-43 Regular
Aug 5, 2013
Melbourne, Australia
Real Name
Matt Robinson
Nice to see a fellow E-P3 shooter getting recognition. I've also had some success with my trusty E-P3 in club competitions and an exhibition. So long as you keep the ISO below or at 1600, I find I get consistently beautiful images.


Mu-43 Regular
Oct 31, 2012
Great photos! I love shooting my EP3 with the panny 20 on it. It's been a great combo for me as well.


Mu-43 Veteran
Jun 9, 2012
Brooklyn, NY
Great pix Aaron! The E-P3 is a GREAT camera and not sure why it doesn't get more love here on the forum... That said, in many ways I prefer the way it renders better than the E-M5, E-M1 & the GH4 -- all of which I own... Thanks for sharing.

(oh, and BTW, it ALWAYS seems to rain every time I've needed to get the shot too!)

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