Ending in A "Nut" Study

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    Wife and I took a weekend together at a B&B a few hours away. While she was relaxing with a good soak in the tub, I decided to put my EM5 Mk II to use shooting some still life stuff. Used the Oly 25/1.8.

    I started by shooting some shots of "Zeek", the name my wife jokingly gave the owner's home made front door monitoring system.

    Say hello to Zeek, everyone...at least parts of him anyway! :D

    Eye In Hand

    Microphone in Chest


    My interest in Zeek was short lived, so I started to look else where.

    Found that the setting sun was coming in at a pleasing angle to the table in the formal dining room.

    Also found this bowl of Walnuts and Almonds with a nut cracking set. What could I do with that? A challenge, you say....why not!


    Isolate one walnut, with some strong side lighting. (hi-res mode)

    Too minimal? Let's go deeper, add some more walnuts and a shallow DOF!! (hi res mode)

    How about a little more variety? Lets add some almonds in there

    Let's make the it a little more "industrial". :D Maybe a little Masonic as well? Pretty close.

    Again, let's add in some almonds for variety.

    The "W"

    The shadow cracker
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