End of G and GF series?


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According this news, there no new G7 this year and they will focus on the GH, GM and GX line. Is it possible this is the end of G?

I am feelings sad if so, since i do love G series a lot, and if G6 is the end of this, for me there is there is no longer anything to upgrade in Panasonic line in the future. GH is way too big for me, and i am not exited GX line either. For me G line has been perfect choice, its size, ergonomics and price are very good in balance.

So i guess within two years, when my G6 is gettings "old", Olympus will be there for me, unless Panasonic have second thoughts on this.

How do you feel about this?


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Well, I've never been attracted to the G range personally. Too plastic, too jelly mold, not exciting. I'm sure it takes great shots, but it's just not for me!

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They are good enough to see out 2014. What's the panic about annual updates? Money burning a hole in your pocket?
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They are good enough to see out 2014. What's the panic about annual updates? Money burning a hole in your pocket?
I don't have any panic with annual updates because i am happy with my camera at the moment and probably will be next couple years. Hopefully there is new G then available.

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Well the GF line has morphed into the GM and GX line so it could be the end of that line, especially as the GF6 has not been selling well.
The G line may be delayed because in the UK there are plenty of discounted G5's in stock, then there is the G6. Also the GH3 has the battery grip and the PL5 included for free for around £749 GBP which is a bargain. I suspect Panasonic will hang on till all the G5's & GH3's have been sold and the G6 is low in stock before releasing a new model.
However, this is only me speculating as they did once stop making the P7-14 lens for a while which led to rumours that this lens was going to be dicontinued only for them to make another batch. I also think that they are not in a hurry to update the GX7, GM1 & GH4, especially as Olympus has kept the EM5 in production.
Maybe it is a shift in their marketing strategy.
This is definitely disappointing, as I feel that there were only a few improvements needed to really makes this a "perfect" camera (in my opinion). Those improvements include:

- Updated sensor from GX7 including IBIS for still shots. Hopefully this would up the e-shutter ISO limit to 3200 as well, since 1600 is a bit limiting.
- Improved focus peaking like on the GX7 (select color, intensity, etc.)
- Update processor engine to help clear the buffer quicker (the G6 is definitely better than the G5 here, so one would assume the G7 would be even quicker than the G6).
- Better tactility for the buttons (the G5 buttons "click" when you press them, and are raised above the surface making them easier to locate when you have your eye up against the viewfinder).

I really hope they don't kill the "G" line, as I truly love the "mini DSLR" styling and handling, especially when dealing with bigger lenses like the 100-300, but don't want the added bulk of the GH3. Hopefully Panasonic reads the various forums, and sees the support that's out there for the G6/G7. I just don't think the G6 sold well due to availability of cheap G5 cameras on the market, paired with the face that they used and "old" sensor when releasing that camera (why spend $800 for a G6 when you could spend less than half of that to get a G5, and it would give you the same image quality)?

I guess time will tell...


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Sad news if true. There definitely felt like something final about the G6. They threw everything at it. It's a lot of camera for the money. Just a shame about the older technology in the sensor. I don't think that did it any favours even though there's nothing wrong with the performance of the sensor.


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As a G2 and G5 holder I do not see it as a big surprise.
The G product line was sitting between the GX and the GH lines without any advantages.
According to M43 rumor the GH3 will morph into a G6 successor by price lowering.
I think this is a good move for us since the GH3 bring allot to the table, if the Gh3 will be in the G6 price level it will be a purchase candidate for allot of us.

In the link bellow you can see that the size difference between the G6 and the GH3 are small.



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Before I saw that rumor, I was wondering if Panasonic will finally put the latest sensor G range. Because , frankly it was getting a little ridiculous when you could get the Epm2 on clearance with better image quality . Maybe Panasonic decided to wait it out instead of producing a model that would directly compete with Gh4 flagship. I mean, previous G models were crippled with regard to video capabilities, but G6 was not so much AFAIK .
Kind of sucks for people who just wanted a cheaper can with built in VF.


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So, just because they didn't release a G7 this year means the G series is dead? Couldn't they just be going with a longer product life cycle? I'd definitely be disappointed if they discontinue the line as I really like my G5, but wouldn't mind an updated model at some point in the future. I don't upgrade bodies often though, except for going from the E-PM1 to the G5 because I kept missing shots with the E-PM1. The G5 just handles so much better and does a much better job locking on focus for me as well. As far as image quality goes, the G5 does fine by me. Usually it's my fault with any image issues more than the camera's. Sure, I can always take better image quality, but really the G5 does fine. Who knows what I'll buy next when I finally decide to upgrade. Maybe a GH3. Maybe an E-M1. Maybe an EM-10. Maybe a G7. I guess it's good I'm not in the market right now. Enough good choices to make my head hurt.


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I cannot believe they will get rid of G and GF completely . Where are yhr cheap entry level models ? I thought all the cute little GF models were huge sellers in Japan??


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It would be a great shame. I have a G5, and the G6 did not look like a big enough step forward to be worth the upgrade.

As others have said, I really like the mini dslr form factor (have a look at the cameraergonomics blog to see why it does actually fit a human hand better), the evf and flip screen.

My personal wish list would be the "latest" sensor, better follow AF, an electronic first curtain to finally nail shutter shock. IBIS would be nice to maximise lens choice, and any other goodies.

It makes sense to me to get off the model a year bandwagon. To me, the "wrong" model is the G6. They could have held off a year and then leapfrogged forward.

Really, I just want to be able to sell my dslr kit :smile:



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As a consumer and Panasonic fan, this is sad news. Of course we want them to offer a range of cameras that provide a fit for each and every user. From Panny's perspective, if a line or model is not selling, they have to do something to address it. I really liked the approach of pushing down the prior GH camera down into the G series. But, I imagine it is a hard sell for "regular" consumers to pick a Lumix G5 or G6 over the entry level DSLRs from Canon and Nikon.

Panny may feel that offering the more unique GM and GX along with the high-end GH line is the best approach. I probably agree...

My 10 year old got a G5 for Christmas and it is a perfect camera that she will learn on and have for years.

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Panasonic will have to release something. I'm pretty sure the E-M10 threw a wrench into their plans, I'd sure like to see a G7 with the GM1 and GX7 DNA thrown in and not just another "me to" DSLR clone. It doesn't have to be full retro, just a little more thought about style would be nice for a change in the G series.

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Why is everyone reacting as if this is news?
Its just a new rumour from that site.
When there's a small space between new releases the void gets filled with all sorts of nonsense.