EM5mk2 at Las Olas Riverwalk

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    Jan 10, 2014
    Been so busy at the studio these days that I finally had a chance to take a walk with the Em5mk2. The new studio I started working at is right next to the Fort Lauderdale Art Museum and down the street is a strange little place called the Las Olas Riverwalk. About 10 years ago it was probably pretty awesome but some time ago it went almost dead but now they are starting to revitalize it again. Seemed like the perfect midday photo op so here is what I got with the new EM5. What a fun little beast this camera is. So stealthy yet rugged.

    All photos are linked to full size JPEGs.


    Funny thing happened tho. Ive been a fan of the articulating screen but I do understand now those who don't. Its really versatile however I haven't actually had a camera with an articulating screen for some time now. I realized its not as inconspicuous as the original tilt screen of the EM5. Not a show stopper for me but I get the gripes people have with it.



    Im shooting with the Nocticron 42.5 for these shots as its my favorite lens hands down. And the one thing I really love is the ability to add the HLD8G grip for greater stability with heavier lenses. Makes this camera so darn versatile and a great choice no matter what the occasion. Whether I want to travel light, like with my kids or beefing things up to use bigger lenses. I haven't used the 40-150 Pro yet, but if I did, I would be happy I had the grip.





    All in all Im very happy that I took the chance on this camera. I have some comparisons I am working on with the EM1. More on that later. For now, what wins for more is this camera is with me and I shoot nice stuff with it. Good deal! :D 
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