EM5 Metering System vs DSLR

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    Stop me if this is not news to you, but I discovered something about the metering system on my EM5.

    I avoided Matrix metering because I didn't want some software algorithm evaluating my scene for me. I didn't trust it. Not from experience, mind you, -- just cynicism.
    For a long time I've been using weighted center or spot metering in Aperture Priority. I would point at my subject, lock exposure, and recompose.

    Anyway, it dawned on my that perhaps the EM5 metering system (being based on live view) might incorporate face detect information.
    So I switched to Matrix Metering, turned on Face Detect and voila! It started metering to detected faces. Brilliant.

    I did several tests -- with and without face detect. with all different metering modes. I also tried this in different Auto Exposure modes (iAuto, Program and Aperture Priority).
    So exposure metering works great with face detect!
    White balance is NOT affected by face detect. so that sucks...

    I put this to work today in some challenging conditions (direct morning sun, shadows cast by buildings downtown), and was quite pleased. Even working exclusively with RAW, it resulted in a lot less fussing with my exposure in post.
    P1180001.jpg P1180028.jpg P1180009.jpg

    Ok, so for the "vs DSLR" part.
    I performed these tests because my wife kept complaining about the skin tones in my photos. In post, I had a tendency to overexpose skin tones and wash out skin colors.
    So I've felt pressure to buy a D750 or 5Dmii just for their "fancy 100k pixel; RGB metering chips" or whatever they call them.
    It seemed unusual to me that DSLR makers could dominate the market with scene analysis -- when they don't have access to the whole frame of data to analyze.
    I thought it must be incredibly convenient to "spray and pray" and nail exposure every time for any given subject and scene.

    Then it dawned on me that, theoretically, mirrorless systems should have an advantage with live view. So I put it to the test. And the FF GAS went away.
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