EM10 New Firmware

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    Doug Green
    It does. Some folks who tried it on DPReview are claiming (and showing examples that back it up) that it's quite effective.
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    Nigel Blumenthal
    Can't see anything to download on the page shown. Just a box that says "E-M10" and, tantalizingly, a "New" flash. Hmmm...
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    Olympus doesn't let you download the firmware directly. You can only install it using their Olympus Viewer or Olympus Digital Camera Updater programs (both free downloads).
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    Thanks for the heads-up about the new firmware. I just enabled 0-second anti-shock and will give it a try ASAP.

    It took me a bit to figure out how to turn this feature on, so .... To enable it on the E-M10, go to Gears menu E and scroll down to Anti-Shock. Turn it on and then scroll down to "0." I'd previously used the 1/8 second anti-shock on my E-PM1 and found that it worked well, so I'm eager to try out the 0-second anti-shock on my new E-M10. I have a MySet for high-speed exposure bracketing, and of course, anti-shock is turned of when I enable that particular MySet.