EM10: Dead Battery, or . . . ?


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Jun 22, 2012
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A bit of a scare when I was out shooting this afternoon. I changed lenses to my 45-200 to get some long shots. When I turned the camera back on, the screen turned black and I heard some bumping noises from somewhere near the front of the camera. I turned it off and back on again, and it worked for a while again and then started doing it again.

I thought my lens was going bad. I changed lenses to the 45 and things started working normally again. I was upset about the lens, but was relieved that it wasn't the camera. But then it started doing it with that lens as well. On one occasion, when I removed the lens the shutter was still shut over the sensor. Oh no! It seems to be the camera after all!

When I got home, I tried changing batteries out of desperation, to a charged generic I have; and at least for the moment things seem to be working. I have two legitimate Olympus batteries (one from my EPL2 and the new one), but the one is drained so I can't test the other one. When attempting to re-charge the battery that now seems to be causing the problems, it appeared to charge for a while when the charger started blinking yellow. I plugged the other Olympus battery into the charger, and at least so far it's charging as normal.

Sorry for the stream-of-consciousness style of my post here, but even though I think I have isolated the issue I'm still pretty worried. I have not marked one of them as the "new" battery and one as old; but the date on the faulty one is 2010, and the good one 2012. Does it sound like I'm on the right track here? It will be a bummer if my battery is bad, but it beats the alternative. I guess I just need a little reassurance here. Has anyone else had a battery go bad, and does this sound familiar? Have I done permanent bad things using this bad one in my camera?
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