EM1 (w 3.0 firmware) and old 4/3 70-300

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    Does anyone have this combo (EM1 and old 70-300). The old 4/3 version of the 70-300mm is only $239 refurbished right now (when in stock...also the approximate going ebay price), and I'm thinking of picking one up instead of the m4/3 version...but I sold all my 4/3 glass (and adaptors) a while ago (back when the em1 was firmware 1.0). I don't do a lot of super zoom type stuff, but the longest lens I have is an old pentax 200mm f/4, and I find that lens to be just ok, but wished I had a bit more reach to snap some images of the birds at my feeder (chickadees).
    Image quality wise, how does the old 70-300 compare to the m4/3 version?
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    I have it but I don't have the 75-300mm to compare.

    The focus speed is unimpressive (was using E-M1 firmware 2.x), but it does work. I took some pictures with it and the EC-14 at a Monarch preserve and am happy enough with the quality. I used a monopod as the aperture is small with the EC-14, and it was very shady.

    The 75-300mm has a smaller max aperture and cannot take a TC. From what I've read, there's not much difference in sharpness.
    Iirc, there are 2 versions of the 75-300mm.

    If your Pentax is from the 1970s, the Oly will be better in terms of sharpness and CA.
    Iirc, the Pentax 200mm was much better than the Pentax 300mm. I could look at my test shots to confirm.

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    Hi Clint, whilst i don't have a bird picture handy i do have a kitty picture at 215mm
    This was also in front of the MC14 but the exif data doesn't show it.
    Can't do a comparison to the 75-300 as i don't own it, focus speed is fast enough but miss focus and the lens will hunt end to end like it always did on a 4/3 camera, not sure 3.0 improved speed but it's good enough.
    16981736226_fbdcb9d137_b.jpg _EM69061 by aussiephil1960, on Flickr
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    I've just taken some photos & I will upload them as soon as I'm able.
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    OK, here are several taken with the E-M1 & ZD70-300 lens (resized at 1000 pixel across) with crops (at 1000 pixels across & not resized for display).








    One thing to remember with this lens is that it is external focussing & rotates, so care must be taken when removing & replacing the hood to prevent the lens being driven during that operation otherwise the motor & gears can be damaged. Also, it is a little noisy during focussing & don't expect to take action shots with this lens.
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    Here's one with the M75-300 lens to compare but may look better with more light on the subject.


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    Some nice photos in there and they match my experience with the lens

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