EM-5 with monopod.

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by Dave in Wales, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Dave in Wales

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    Nov 5, 2011
    West Wales
    Does anyone use a monopod with an EM-5 or do you find the IBIS sufficient.
  2. Gary Ramey

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    Dec 27, 2012
    Aurora Colorado
    I believe there is a IS setting for lateral movement...haven't tried it though.
  3. Fmrvette

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    May 26, 2012
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    Hi Dave!

    I use a Canon 100 model monopod, generally when I have the Panasonic 45-200 zoom lens mounted. I have a quick release footplate mounted to facilitate using the monopod.

    Amazon.com: Canon Monopod 100 for SLR Cameras & Lenses: Camera & Photo

    Amazon.com: Sima Quick Connect for Tripod: Camera & Photo

    The IBIS on the EM-5 is, of course, spectacular; however I find that shots made at the 200mm end come out better (for me) on a monopod. Bracing against a wall, railing, etc. when I don't have the monopod works well but I find that I get some hand tremor (probably due to age) when depending just on the IBIS.


  4. Chrisnmn

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    Apr 26, 2012
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    I use a sirui p-306 monopod for my omd everytime i shoot with the p100-300. Awesome tool to have. IMHO
  5. ralfmouth

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    Oct 16, 2012
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    I only had a couple outings with mine but found it completely useless with such a great IBIS. Hand held was more stable and yes i tried the "3 point tripod stance"... For me, any stabilization was completely outweighed by the limited movement, reaction time, and freedom. I think monopods are pretty useless anyway but that may change in the future. Right now it's either tripod or handheld.
  6. Savas K

    Savas K Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Jan 10, 2013
    I'll use mine when I get a long lens for the OM-D. It should prove less fatiguing when concentrating on some distant object.
  7. RevBob

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    Jun 4, 2011
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    A monopod may be useless for you - but please remember that there are many professional photographers who find them to be quite useful. They do, however, require some practise and special techniques to get the best results. :biggrin:
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  8. FrayAdjacent

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    Dec 5, 2012
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    IBIS on the EM-5 is OUTSTANDING. IMHO, it's more than adequate for hand-held shots, although I have not shot with extremely long focal distances. (I did just recently get the 40-150, but haven't played with it much)

    I WILL say that a monopod may come in handy when shooting bracketed for HDR. I've gotten decent results when shooting a fast framerate while bracketing, but noticed that just a hair of movement will still cause a slight shift from image to image, and it has lead to a little chromatic aberration on a few HDR shots. (TBH, it may have also been movement of the subject - I see it most in trees and branches, which may have been moving at the time.)

    I still have a monopod, but haven't used it yet.
  9. tradesmith45

    tradesmith45 Mu-43 All-Pro

    Dec 13, 2012
    I've done lots of testing on this & I use them lots. Look at sports photo pros - they all use them if light is weak.

    The value of a monopod depends on lots of factors - light levels of course, lens FL & aperture, your steadiness, your IQ goals, subject, mobility needs, lens weight to name a few. Also IBIS has strengths & weaknesses. For example it is less effective for long light weight lenses like the native XXX-300mm. So this is a tradeoff question where the best answer is - it depends.

    From my testing, IBIS @ 300mm adds one stop for me & a monopod adds another stop. So I can reliably shoot at 1/160 w/ both. Remember, this is effectively a 600mm lens. I can shoot a slower shutter speeds w/ a heavy adapted lens.

    I've used a monopod for WA IR photos w/ a dark red filter. Typical shutter speeds are 1/2. IBIS+monopod work well here.

    The reduced mobility is the major trade-off. Its almost as easy to cart a tripod w/ camera attached as it is to use a monopod. So if I had to bring only one, it would be a tripod. I can always use the tripod as a monopod. I often bring both when traveling because mobility is more important then. Both my pods have QRs on them so I can attach a camera quickly if needed.

  10. tradesmith45

    tradesmith45 Mu-43 All-Pro

    Dec 13, 2012
    BTW, I use a light 5-section Sirui carbon monopod so it doesn't cost me much to cart it around along w/ my Slik carbon tripod when traveling.
  11. spatulaboy

    spatulaboy I'm not really here

    Jul 13, 2011
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    Monopods are not useless! They double as hiking sticks. Yak Yak Yak.
  12. Fmrvette

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    May 26, 2012
    Detroit, Michigan
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    I plead guilty as charged...:biggrin:.

    Also for "hands free" operation when not needing the monopad I have a "key safe" similar to this one:

    Amazon.com: Metal Belt Clip Key Holder: Office Products

    on which I place the strap of the (collapsed) monopod when it's not in use.

    The monopod doesn't get in the way and remains accessible.


  13. Savas K

    Savas K Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Jan 10, 2013
    And I went and got the Gitzo monopod holder, which I wouldn't have if I saw your post first. :redface: