EM-1 is a best seller !!!

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    rob collins
    Probably a little ambitious with the thread headline.

    Olympus sold 140,000 mirrorless in the 3rd quarter - Oct to Dec - compared to 250,000 units in the first half of their financial year. Sales were up 19% 3Q on 3Q but given that there was a major product launch during the quarter it isnt anything to write home about. In fact Olympus reduced its mirrorless camera sales target for the full year from 660,000 units to 630,000 and considering they need 240,000 unit sales in 4Q to meet their target, they are relying on a spectacular E-M10 introduction.

    Even the profit (or more accurately loss) numbers werent particularly impressive. Numbers were better than last year when Olympus's imaging division reported a record annual loss but that isnt saying much. For the third quarter the loss of 1.7bn yen compared to 2.7bn yen for the previous 2 quarters combined - so no noticeable improvement there. If you take the last quarter loss of US$16m and multiply by 4x, you can see their annual loss is around US$64m on sales of 630,000 mirroless units - that still works out at about US$100 by camera.
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    Honestly, I could care less what Olympus does to stay afloat. They can be a Yakuza mafia controlled company for all I care! As long as they keep churning out camera equipment that's all that matters! :wink:
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    It's also better that they appear to have shortened the time between announcements of products and availability.

    EM10's already shipping. 25mm promised in a week's time, lens hoods with lenses and EM5 updates adding features. Perhaps they are now listening to customers which is perhaps the biggest change to date!!
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    Hi Jonathan. I know you're being a bit tongue-in-cheek, and I certainly hope for all of us who like Oly cameras that they don't make deals with Yakuza for short term profit chasing their norm. The long-term effects of that can only be as a cancer to them.

    I'm working in one of the best run businesses I ever have, and have come to appreciate the real positive influence that has to the morale of the people I work with. A whiff of what Oly had done could only lay disappointment and disrespect for Oly management in the laps of its workers. It must be awful to realize that their raises and work resources have been cut short by those who didn't deserve to run the company. Your very best tend to jump ship if that is the norm.

    To sum it up, unfortunately we do have to care about a business's practices. It appears that Oly might just survive themselves, but imagine what they could have been doing better for us if someone's personal greed hadn't been put above their business health.
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