EM-1 Focus Peaking with Stabilisation

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  1. I have my EM-1 set up so that Stabilisation comes on when I half press the shutter button. When I use focusing Peaking the Peaking turns off when I half press the shutter button. Is there a way to have Stabilisation and Peaking at the same time?
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    Nov 21, 2013
    So far as I can tell this isn't actually related to stabilization, rather it seems to always turn off peaking when half pressing the shutter button, regardless of whether half pressing the shutter button is configured to have any effect (even if you turn off stabilization, AEL, etc.). One workaround is to turn on automatic peaking in the MF Assist settings...half pressing the shutter button will suspend peaking, but any rotation of the focus ring will reengage peaking while the shutter button is partially depressed and stabilization is engaged -- as long as peaking wasn't initially engaged by a button bound to that function (!). Probably wouldn't be much good if you're using legacy glass, but otherwise might be useful.

    Another approach that could be suitable for static subjects is to use the magnification button. Configuring stabilization to be turned on with half press of the shutter button also configures stabilization to be activated upon magnification, and the peaking button will give you a combination of stabilization and peaking with magnification...though peaking will be deactivated when half pressing the shutter button. If you need magnification and peaking with the shutter button half pressed, turning on both peaking and magnification in MF Assist will do it for you if the focus ring is turned while the shutter is half pressed -- as long as you had not manually activated either magnification or peaking beforehand. :confused:

    Truly bizarre how the settings interact!