Eclipse questions


Mu-43 Regular
Nov 28, 2013
I have an E-M1.2 , a 40-150/2.8 and the 7-14/2.8 amongst other lenses

I have the opportunity to shoot the eclipse in Argentina July 2

A few questions for the crowd

Would you use 2 cameras or just 1, if 2 , I would set one on a tripod with a wide lens , shoot every 30secs or so, with a solar filter - remove the filter at totality , replace it just after .

The other camera would be handheld - with the long lens, possibly the extender

The eclipse will be low in the sky which could be dramatic

I’d have to get a second body - I kind of hesitate to get another E-M1.2 as it’s 2 years old - the E-M1x is double the price - doesn’t seem like a great idea for one event - I suppose I could rent a body for a week

Another option is to pick up a lesser body for the wide-tripod setup, not sure the intervalometer capability of the e-m10 mk 3

Also factor in using new equipment First time on a significant shoot - might not be advisable

I always liked the idea of the 300mm /4.0 this would be a good time to get it

So basically asking for gear help and tips shooting the eclipse, what are some good guidelines for shooting?

I’ve ordered Baader solar filter material to make filters and will be testing this weekend

Re compositing a series of partial eclipse shots, totality and a background- any tips?

Thanks for your help
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