eBay PU leather case for GX1 mini review (fits Vario 14-42mm Powerzoom lens)

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by Jagged, Aug 14, 2012.

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    Aug 14, 2012
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    I picked up a "Chocolate Leather Camera Case Bag For Panasonic" off eBay for $12.99US incl. free shipping.
    Chocolate Leather Camera Case Bag For Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 GX1 with Strap | eBay

    I picked China-town-us due to there low price and good rating but there are a bunch of other ebay sellers with the same case.

    TBH Was not expecting much for the price, but it surprisingly well made.

    The outer is PU "leather" (a reasonably convincing fake leather), interior is a nice "microfiber" style fabric and stitching and riveting is well done.
    It does NOT have "Lumix G" embossed as some pics show.

    It's a snug fits with the 14-42 PZ lens and the zoom and focus controls on the lens have already made comfortable groove in the interior fabric. There is ~5mm between the lens cap and the front of the lens cover.
    I don't think my Minotla 50mm f/2.0 will fit, but I'm still waiting for the adapter to arrive.

    I have a leather wrist strap on my camera, I don't think that this case would work well with a shoulder strap on the camera. The case open and closes easily, and the camera slides in and out without hassle, esp. when the case is on the hip. The magnetic clasp on the bottom works well and "locates" into place with little effort.

    Strap sits nicely on the shoulder and camera sits nicely on the hip for me. (I'm ~185cm tall)

    Only cons so far, there where a few scratches on the one I received, but they are hardly visible. (These maybe seconds, but at this price ... )
    Oh, and it smelled pretty bad, like something burnt and plastic, hard to describe, but that goes away reasonably quickly.