E5 to OM-D EM-1


Mu-43 Rookie
Hi, long time 4/3rds user here, just migrating to the micro format via the EM-1 / 12-40 kit, and of course an MMF-3 to make use of my legacy glass!

Current kit list includes:

  • EM-1 - 12-40mm, HLD-7, MMF-3, FL-600R;
  • E-5 - 9-18mm, 11-22mm, 12-60mm, 50mm, 50-200mm, 70-300mm, FL-50R;
  • E-620 - 14-54mm, 25mm, 40-150mm, FL-36R;
  • Kata 3N1-35 ProLight, Olympus E-System Bag, Manfrotto 055CXPRO4 + 405 Geared Head, 695CX Monopod + 498RC4 Head.

Looking forward to joining in the discussion here @ mu-43!


Color Blind
Now your ol' 4/3s lenses will see daylight with the E-M1, looking forward to your images!