E-PL6 or GM1 or?

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    I went to my local camera store in hopes of looking at the GM1 and possibly get one body only as I have a GF3 with 14mm that I really dig. Price in store today was awful(and no body only option) and oddly enough the GF7 was better priced. I got curious a bit and the store told me I can get a body only new E-PL6 for under $299+tax(which from what I have seen is a really good price as E-PL5 and E-PM2 body's are going for that price. I really was hoping to replace my dying GF3, but seeing as I can get E-PL6 body under 300 locally and for me to get the GM1 open box body only for under $300 on amazon if lucky, but it seems like it's hovering around about the same price as a GF7 body only. I am not sure what to do.

    I want to support local and the price on the E-PL6 is excellent too. However, I wanted to replace my GF3, which has a built in tilt flash. Not to mention the E-PL6 weighs about the same(and is the same thickness too) as the Fuji X-E1 I have, and I have no plans to replace that. But, on the other hand the advantage it has over the GM1 is better battery life(similar to the GF3), a tilting display, & what I have seen as better Olympus colors. My X-E1+27mm pancake fits in my jacket(granted lens and camera in separate pockets), and if go the E-PL6 route I may as well go with my X-E1?

    Does the E-PL6 have shutter stock issues like the older E-PL5? Other than a few tweaks, and faster AF what was the advantage of the PL6 over the PL5? I take the PL6 has no electric shutter like the newer panasonic models, right? I don't want to go over $300(preferably with tax), and really like the GM1, but the E-PL6 is making the choice harder(and lesser extent is the price of the GF7 body only). Thank you
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    Dec 29, 2013
    e-pl6 is the same of e-pl5, with some minor upgrade (a level gouge and something else). Af is not faster, you have a "short release", that enables you to press short the release button (I thik you half press it and you take the shoot), but that doesn't mean it focuses faster. so shutter shock would be the same as e-pl5, as you have no 0-second anti shock.
    if using a viewfinder is important to you, choice is obvious, with e-pl6 you can add one. If it's not, gm1 is small, has a better sensor and an electronic shutter that means no shutter shock
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    The advantage of the PL6 (over the GM1) is the titling screen, the easier to use controls, and the lower price. The GM1 is smaller. I was not terribly impressed with the E-PL5's IBIS, which is the same as the PL6. OTOH, The GM1 has no IBIS at all. Both work with IS lenses. I've had both the PL5 and the GM1 and both produce excellent images. As an "only" camera I'd prefer the PL6 but the GM1 will serve you very well.
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    If you've already got the X-E1, I really do see the GM1 as the obvious choice in this situation. It's size is unmatched by literally any other interchangeable lens camera on the market...and that includes the Pentax Q with a sensor that's 5x smaller. The GF7 is also quite small, but not quite the same.

    A tilting screen is nice, but I never had one until my GX7. I use it somewhat, but it doesn't work for portrait orientation shots, so I find it has limited utility for me in the circumstances where I'd want to use it most.

    I wouldn't count on the E-PL6's IBIS for any shot that mattered or that I couldn't re-take.
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    Jul 6, 2015
    Couldn't recommend GM1 highly enough. Its the camera that got me into photography. I carry it to work everyday since its so small.
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    Okay, I am feeling a bit better knowing I wouldn't me missing much out with the E-PL6, with the better battery life.

    What about GF7 vs GM1? I saw the dimensions if the GF7 and it's a hair thicker than the GF3, while being shorter and identical in weight. Sure battery life is lower, but it's faster. I am thinking maybe after summer prices on the GF7 may go down and get that if's its worth the extra of the GM1? Thank you.
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    Jun 26, 2013
    Andrew Lossing
    I don't know how the EPL6 is with occasional shutter shock, but the GM1 seems to be entirely shutter shock free; fully electronic shutter is of course available to select but even the mechanical stepping shutter is so darn light and quiet that I'm pretty sure it would be impossible for it to generate sufficient vibrations.

    Really the GM1 is a camera with no real glaring flaws (as opposed to some models like shock in some situations with the GX1, for example), I do lament the lack of hotshoe (no VF1 finder with my 20mm lens) and wonder why they thought that AF mode was so darn important they needed to dedicate a physical dial to it, but it's a pretty great - tiny - camera.
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    Jul 6, 2015
    Actually shutter shock is not possible with GM1. The mechanical shutter isn't a traditional one, its an Electronic First Curtain (EFC). This is what Olympus activates when you enable 0-second anti shock. So shutter shock can't happen on the GM1 at all, regardless of E or EFC shutter.
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    May 1, 2013
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    What did you think of the GF7? I have only had chance to hold one and found it ergonomically better than the GM1 due to the rear thumb grip.
    I use to have the GF3 and found it was fun to use, I just wished it was a little bit smaller. Eventually I bought the Olympus EPL5 (basically the same as the EPL6, but without wifi). It was a little bit bigger than the GF3, but a lot heavier too. Eventually the GM1 came out and I bought that, I liked it's small size and light weight, it was just what I have been looking for, a true replacement for the GF3, but I had a small problem with it. I didn't like the ergonomics, the video button was placed where the thumb should be and my thumb kept going onto the touch screen so whenever I took a picture, the focus point would be at the top right hand corner. In the end, I had to turn of the touch screen. Despite this, I was using the GM1 a lot more than the EPL5.
    In the end I sold both cameras to buy the GM5, this has a 16.9 screen, the video button has been moved out the way and it has a small raised thumb grip. This made a world of difference for me as I could keep the touch screen on and when need too, I can zip through the menus with ease or use the touch focus or touch shutter if I want to.
    If the GF7 came out before the GM5, I might of bought that instead, due to it's improved ergonomics so I could use the touch screen. Also it has some improvements over the GM1, the GM1 has face detection, the GF7 has face & eye detection. On full manual mode, the GF7 has auto ISO, the GM1 does not. Also it has the flip out screen, this may make it bigger than the GM1, but it is still smaller than the GF3. Take a look at the link below.
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    I think being able to switch quickly to MF is one of the most important settings. I use it all the time on my GX7. Looking at the GM1's dial, I wish the GX7 had those settings instead of just AF and MF. Would be nice to switch quickly to AFC when the action starts rather than hitting the Quick Fn menu.
  11. Vivalo

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    Nov 16, 2010
    I like that FN button/AF mode dial combo very much. That enables me to focus and meter from one point and then use the FN button for AEL and the top dial to lock the focus by switching to MF. Then I can mess with the composition how ever I want and I know the metering and focus distance won't change.
  12. drd1135

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    That's a bunch of little cameras. I've had them all except for the GF7 (give me time) and they are all very capable, given the 12 mp sensor of the GF3. The shutter shock problem is not a deal breaker but I'd forgotten that the GM1 doesn't have it at all (how spoiled we get) so that's an advantage to the GM1.
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  13. agentlossing

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    Jun 26, 2013
    Andrew Lossing
    Thanks for the clarification, I did think I had read that the GM1 has EFC shutter but I didn't bother tracking down specifics ;)
  14. tjdean01

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    Feb 20, 2013
    Owning a GM1 after coming from a PM2 which had the same shutter shock problems as the PM5/6, I can honestly say the GM1 is better in low light overall. With the PM2 I was at first confused as to why I would have problems hand-holding at 1/20 sec, a speed I could do regularly with any wide-ish P&S. I would have to kick the ISO a stop or two. With the GM1 that ability is back.

    As for the GM1, it's really too small. I think the Panasonic grip would help but then you have to deal with difficult battery changes. I bought the Hosen Grip which has no such issues however the grip is too close to wide-diameter lenses and my finger doesn't fit between them. Even the 15/8's edge ridges hit my knuckle. The PM2 had a small grip and maybe an extra 1 cm of space which made a huge difference (see my avatar with an adapted 50...a perfect combo is good light). So, the PM2 was a PERFECT camera except for the shutter shock; and the GM1 needs to be 1/2" wider with some sort of grip like on the PM2.

    So what to buy? The GM5 and GF7 don't seem any better than the GM1. The PL7 is notably larger and actually feels harder to hold in my hand do to the screen being on a different plane than the buttons, thumb grip, etc. So, until there is a PM3 or until Panasonic makes something better, I'll stick (unhappily) with the GM1. I was happier using the PM2 but when it became dark I wouldn't be.
  15. agentlossing

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    Jun 26, 2013
    Andrew Lossing
    Get the Panasonic grip. You don't change batteries every 30 minutes, so it's still more convenient than having to wrestle with a tiny camera.
  16. deacon

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    Jul 7, 2015
    FWIW, I struggled with this exact decision. I chose the GM1 in the end. The deciding factors were ultimately a pop-up flash, video quality, and going all-in on the small form factor. Something this small will be nice to have even if I move up.

    I never held the GM1 before I ordered it. I almost returned it because I thought it was too small. Instead, I got the Richard Franiec grip and spent some time getting accustomed to it. I totally love it and don't regret my decision.
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    Wait the info isn't too clear, but does the E-PL6 have built in wi-fi? Cause most reports say wifi with flashair card.

    I really want to get the GF7 just for the tilting display, but that means I'd probably have to wait a while for body only to come down to price closer to $300. While the GM1 body only is hovering a bit higher than it was a while ago. So, I may got with that? Either way the battery life on either model is rated at 100 less than the GF3, which means second battery which adds to the cost.
  18. Theo

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    Aug 26, 2013
    Theo K.
    PL5 and PL6 both need FlashAir for WiFi; I don't think they are any different there.
  19. agentlossing

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    Jun 26, 2013
    Andrew Lossing
    So, no remote shooting from a smartphone, then? I'm finding that feature handier than I thought I would.
  20. Vivalo

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    Nov 16, 2010
    Correct, I have a Toshiba Flashair card in my E-M5, so that I can transfer jpegs to my phone and share them on the go. Unfortunately, that is the only feature it enables when using the Olympus App on a smartphone.