E-PL5 Small Focus Box

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by Djarum, May 23, 2014.

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    So I've been playing with this camera a few weeks now.

    My old E-PL2 had a way to temporarily set the small focus box but it was a PITA and I rarely used it.

    With the small focus box option in the E-PL5, I find it hit or miss, especially using the 40-150mm at 150mm. What I'm finding is that it will hunt because even though there is something in the box I want to focus on, its not high enough contrast I guess for it to lock focus. On the flip side, if it is high enough contrast it focuses accurately and quickly. With the larger box what I run into sometimes is that there are two high contrast objects that can fit into the box and more times than not, it focuses on the one I don't want in focus, LOL. With short focal lengths I don't find this as much of an issue though.

    Are there any tricks to using the small focus box?