E-PL5 screen going dark during normal use, camera still functions

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by robogeek, Oct 15, 2016.

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    David Herron
    I'm having a curious problem with my E-PL5. I've done a bit of researching and am unsure the cause.

    Earlier today I was trying to take some pictures in my office, holding the camera above a subject. I have an Olympus 14-150mm lens. Repeatedly the screen would go blank while trying to take pictures. The camera still functioned - e.g. a half-press on the shutter caused the beep-beep indicating it had locked focus.

    I tried turning the camera off-on a bunch of times to see if that would change the behavior. Usually it would power up to a blank screen. Sometimes the screen would work for a few moments, and then turn blank.

    One idea that came up in a duck-duck-go search (I don't use Google) is the battery might be dead/old/etc. It's the original battery and IIRC I bought this camera in 2013. I had charged the battery overnight so it would be full. I just used a volt-meter across the - and + terminals indicated on the battery, and it reads 8 volts. I'm a little surprised because that indicates a two-cell pack. In any case 8 volts is a reasonable pack voltage because the cells are probably 3.2 volt nominal, and therefore 4 volts per cell is reasonable for the fully charged state.

    I saw discussion on this forum suggesting a possible issue of the lens being rotated too far. It so happens that I had dismounted the lens previously, then remounted it, and now the camera is functioning normally. I've turned it off-on several times now and the screen came on each time.

    • How else would I test the battery pack? I know from having built a couple dozen electric bicycles and electric motorcycles and an electric car that just putting a volt-meter over the leads while the pack is at rest doesn't tell anything. You have to check the voltage while it's under load, and see how far the voltage sags. But in this case the battery leads aren't available while the camera is operating.
    • How likely is it this is just mis-mounting the lens? I just checked and there is a tiny amount of play in the lens.
    • In June I had dropped this camera from the top of a filing cabinet onto a concrete floor. The fall damaged the 14-42mm lens that was mounted so that the lens no longer zooms. How likely is it further damage occurred?
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    Hi, a loose lens on the mount could certainly explain it... You could try working the lens and see it the symptoms repeat.