E-pl5 / Panasonic 25mm

Discussion in 'Native Lenses' started by bigboysdad, Sep 18, 2013.

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    Can anyone suggest the best in camera settings for this combination?

    I ask as i have an opportunity to get the 25 at a cheap price. Not sure I need it as the owner of an Oly 17/1.8, Pany 20 and Oly 45, but that's another matter.

    Anyway, I have noted that some of the Pany lenses may not perform at their best on a current Oly body due to the way Oly builds its sensors these days which, while noise reducing, takes away some of the "pop" out of photos. I would like to try and avoid this by applying the best possible settings to my E-PL5.

    Suggestions welcome and appreciated.
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    The Panasonic 25/1.4 performs very well on the current gen Sony sensors in Oly cameras, like the E-PL5. Panasonic cameras have more built in corrections, like for CA, but I've never found that to be much of an issue. The 25/1.4 also may "rattlesnake" on Oly bodies, which is to say it makes a fast clicking noise if you focus on bright light sources. Again, not a big deal for me.

    As far as settings go, you need to use whatever is required for the photo. Nothing different or special with the 25 as compared to the other lenses you have. The lack of pop you describe is something I have neither experienced nor heard about. You really need to show us some examples of what you are talking about with that.
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    As already mentioned I think the only thing you will notice is the PL25 has noisy aperture blades. There's minor CA that's not corrected but hard to notice.

    The lens only makes a noise when you focus in bright light at wide apertures on Panasonic cameras but I understand Olympus cameras provide constant DoF previews which means the lens rattles as you change lighting conditions. It's a bit annoying but doesn't effect the image.

    If you like to travel light it's considerably heavier and more bulky than the P20 and O45. I sold my P20 and rarely take my 45 since owning the PL25..
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    I have the same combo. For mine I have eliminated rattlesnaking noise in still picture modes by setting Flicker Reduction to Off. This function is buried deep in the setting hierarchy but you will find it. However, this does not fix the rattle in video mode, if that matters. Give it a try.

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  5. At wide apertures and in very high contrast conditions the CA from the PL25 can be quite bad, although you get CA from just about all Micro 4/3 lenses but especially the Panasonics since their bodies are designed to automatically remove it whereas Olympus does not. Olympus cameras also display an accurate exposure preview at all times which is why they will cause lenses to rattlesnake as they constantly adjust sensitivity and sometimes the amount of light coming through the lens. The PL25 has a set of big and noisy aperture blades which is why the effect can be so noticeable with this lens.

    Not sure about Olympus and noise reduction, but jpeg settings can be a black art and I only use raw which avoids any issues with jpegs. If you have some good settings for your existing lenses then the PL25 shouldn't need to be treated differently.