E-PL5 images render much brighter in image review than they really seem to be

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by emmecinque, Mar 21, 2014.

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    Mar 21, 2014
    Just started using a new E-PL5, and I've been shooting with an old FL-50 flash (probably more correct to say I've been shooting with the flash since it's almost bigger than the camera :) I've been trying to get good at shooting my kids band playing shows, so I'm using that big flash with a bounce diffuser. It works really well, but I've been chronically confused by the in-camera previews, which always seem to look much, much brighter than the way the images look through any other view (basically, rendered on any computer monitor once they've been transferred). I use the flash in TTL AUTO mode, because that usually works pretty well (even when shooting through old OM lenses in aperture priority mode, which I don't thoroughly understand). However the super-bright previews have a way of fooling me into dialing down the flash power, the result being slightly dark images.

    I know I can probably get used to interpreting the previews correctly, but I'm wondering if there's a setting for how the previews are shown. I think I had some similar mental issues with my old E-500 too (whose LCD was considerably more primitive of course).
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    One word: Histogram
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    Is this just for flash or overall?

    It is possible to adjust the brightness (and colour balance) of the LCD (or "Display" in Oly Menu/Manual language) on both my daughter's EPL-3 and my EM-5 so I assume the EPL-5 has this. You can get this as a better match to your home monitor to help as well as using the histogram as noted. I would agree that the difference seems more apparent using flash photography.

    Menu, then "Spanner" then something that looks like a TV Shape with lines either side and volume steps underneath - this give you two symbols one is a thermometer (Colour temp) and Sun that is the brightness.
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    OK, this is exactly what I was looking for. Sorry for missing it in the Oly documentation; I went over it a couple of times but I must have misunderstood what I was reading. Yes, it's mostly about using the big flash. On the E-500, the review images almost always have parts of the image blinking the "oversaturated" warning (and I know I can disable that), even though the actual images seem fine. On the E-PL5 the images just tend to look really bright ("overexposed").

    I know I should get good at interpreting histograms quickly, but at present I have to think about what I'm seeing analytically, and I still don't feel confident that I know what's good and what's bad.