E-PL2 : focus issue??

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by jim_khoo, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. jim_khoo

    jim_khoo Mu-43 All-Pro

    Apr 9, 2010
    Kuala Lumpur
    hi all,
    i took fotos of a teapot; the outcome are:-
    a. only top, spout and handle are focued
    b. only words are focus

    what might be the reason that i could not get the whole teapot in focus?

  2. thearne3

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    Jan 28, 2010
    Redding, CT USA
    What aperture? A close-up really accentuates narrow depth of field.
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  3. RT_Panther

    RT_Panther Mu-43 Legend

    May 4, 2011
    Also, what focus modes were you using?
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  4. yuro

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    Dec 5, 2010
    Dublin, California
    Short answer: Shoot at f/5.6 (or higher) and use a tripod if you're going to use natural light.

    Long answer: This is called Depth of Field. Depth of field is basically an area of focus, measured in a distance from the focal plane (aka the sensor). My best guess is that you're shooting at f/1.8 or faster, which makes for a, "thin," depth of field (aka DoF). Meaning the focus area (DoF) is a few inches or so. Having a larger or deeper depth of field means shooting with at smaller apertures (F16 is a smaller aperture, look inside the lens and see how small the hole is to allow light in). I keep a depth of field calculator app on my iPhone to sometimes calculate distances when shooting still life.

    I hope that explains it.
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  5. RT_Panther

    RT_Panther Mu-43 Legend

    May 4, 2011
    Just because you can shoot at ƒ1.8 doesn't mean you have to all the time :smile:
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  6. jim_khoo

    jim_khoo Mu-43 All-Pro

    Apr 9, 2010
    Kuala Lumpur
    @ f2.8 on the 17mm

    aperture priority, manual
  7. Alanroseman

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    Dec 21, 2010
    New England

    Hi Jim,

    Looking at your EXIF data: you shot with a 17mm lens at f2.8 / 1/60.

    That is the depth of field (DOF) that one would expect. Shallow.

    If you feel like you'd like more DOF, you will have to use a larger "aperture number" such as 4.5 - 5.6 - 8.0 etc. This will provide you more DOF, in other words stop down a bit.

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