E-PL2 and Bracketing


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Feb 26, 2011
I just viewed Brian Mosley's great videos and have set bracketing parameters (I shoot for HDR) but don't seem to be able figure out how to toggle the bracketing feature on and off other than having to go down into the menu and specify OFF.
Is there a way to just maintain my bracketing parameters (5 shots +/- 1EVF) and just toggle the bracketing on and off? Possibly even to assign the function to one of the hard buttons?

Also, under bracketing, does anyone know what the FL BKT mean?

Thanks in advance,


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Jan 31, 2011
I was reading about this a few nights ago because I didn't even know what bracketing was. Someone over at dpreview forum said that it requires like 40 odd button presses to go into the menu to activate it, use it, then back into the menu to deactivate it. You could set it as one of your preset mysets, that way it'll take around 20 odd button presses.

FL BKT is flash light bracketing which varies the flash power over 3 shots.

Just found the thread, hope it helps:E-PL2 Auto Exposure Bracketing : Micro Four Thirds Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review


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Jun 21, 2010
Using an E-P1 (which I think is pretty much identical menu-wise to the E-PL2) I can assure you that it is possible to configure the camera such that exposure bracketing is toggled on/off with the Fn button. Although only 3 frames @ -1, 0, +1 EV, as that is the maximum the camera allows.

The manual is so badly written it's almost funny, but I hope I can talk you through it.

Each step presumes you are back at the "standard" live view screen.

1 make sure you have the "secret menu" (the cog icon) turned on
- Press Menu, scroll down to the "Spanner" and select "Cog Menu Display" and toggle it on. If you can already see the "Cog" menu, ignore this step.

2 - Press Menu, scroll down to the "Cog" press OK, and scroll down to "EXP/{o}/ISO" press OK, scroll all the way down to "Bracketing" press OK and select the sort of bracketing you wish to automate (I would recommend AE BKT 3F 1.0EV) press OK to set it.

3 - Press down on the directional pad, (to bring up the drive mode options) and select "Sequential"

4 - Press Menu, scroll down to the "Cog" press OK, scroll down to "Button/Dial" press OK, scroll down to "Fn Function" press OK, and select "My Mode" press OK to set it.

5 - Press Menu, scroll down to "Cog" press OK, scroll down to "My Mode Setup" press OK, with "My Mode 1" highlighted, press right on the directional pad, select "Set" press OK. With "My Mode 1" highlighted, press OK, select "YES", press OK. It should now read "My Mode 1 | Current".

6 - Press Menu, scroll down to "Cog" press OK, scroll down to "EXP/{o}/ISO" press OK, scroll down to "Bracketing" press OK, and then turn OFF whichever bracketing option you enabled earlier.

7 - Press down on the directional pad, and change the drive mode back to "single"


Now when you hold down the Fn button, the camera will engage 3 frame exposure bracketing and sequential shooting, it took me a fair bit of experimenting to find out how to set this up. So I thought I'd share :)

The "My mode" options are actually very cool, It's a real pity the manual doesn't give you much help in using them.

Bill Gordon

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Dec 29, 2009
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Thanks Kal for posting this as I have been having an ongoing problem trying to set up bracketing vs normal using the fn button. You are a saviour for an old man!!


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May 18, 2011
Poughkeepsie, NY
Thanks for the tip, Kal. It works similarly on the E-PL2. It's a shame you have to hold all the buttons down, because it'd be nice if you could just turn on a timer, hit the button, and stand away.


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May 3, 2011
Holding down the Fn and shutter buttons doesn't make for steady shooting - I just set up a 'MyMode' for 5 shot bracketing then change to it in the menu - it only takes a few button presses...

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