E-PL1 vs E-P2 travel experience


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May 17, 2010
I would like to draw your attention to this German blog post, titled "Taking PENs to the Roof of the World in Ladakh". (No affiliation of mine whatsoever.)

The blog as such - PEN and Tell :)confused: I've heard of kiss and tell, but this doesn't make much sense to me - is a general Pen blog and the post details the use of the two cams on a motorbike trip to Ladakh. The author also links to his own blog, where he will post images soon.

To paraphrase the post for those who don't read German: Last year he travelled the same route with an E-3, SWD 12-60, 7-14 and SWD 50-200. Wanted to shed some volume and weight. The E-PL1 was set to be the main cam, while the E-P2 was on reserve duty. Lenses were: mFT 14-45 mm, Panasonic 7-14 mm, 1.7/20mm, Zuiko 70-300, Voigtländer 1.1/50 mm and Nikon 1.8/105. IQ was no worse than with the E3, on the contrary OOC jpegs were better. Soon though the two PENs changed roles. Reasons were: Grip on the E-p2 is much better, he found he pressed buttons by mistake all the time on the e-pl1. It does happen on the e-p2 but more rarely. The missing orientation sensor on the e-pl1 was a pita. In the extremely bright light of the Himalayas 1/2000 often was not fast enough, the e-p2 offers an extra stop down to 1/4000. The 4/3 70-300 proved a worthy addition even though rather heavy, the two very fast lenses were only rarely used, like inside tempels.



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Aug 30, 2010
Northern NJ
Interesting that he found himself pressing buttons by mistake all the time on the E-PL1. It's really a simple camera to operate :)


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Jul 2, 2010
Some call it the arm pit of NYC.
For normal use, I found the E-PL1's grip, size, and weight more comfortable even though the missing dials does make operation a bit slower. Once I mount manual focus heavier telephoto lenses, I do find the palm of my hand hitting the 4 way buttons on the back of the E-PL1. It helps if I change the way I support the camera relying more on my palm to support the lens or a monopod. My G1 with its substantial grip does provide better comfort with these larger/heavier lenses... then again.. no IBIS though.

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