E-PL1, VF1 and 14-42 kit lens...

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by MarkyG, Dec 20, 2010.

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    Noobie question, so gentle replies appreciated.. :smile:

    I am yet to get my hands on a 17mm / 20mm lens to use with my E-PL1 / VF1 combo - the VF1 was an Ebay bargain that just could not be missed.

    So, if I set the 14-42mm kit lens to 18/20mm focal length, will I get the same benefit from the VF1? Or is the kit lens too long compared to the 'pancake' style lenses?

    Thoughts and considerations welcomed..

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    It will work just fine at 17mm on the zoom lens. Personally though, I'd sell it and save up for the VF2.

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    Sep 16, 2010
    Have to agree with Gordon about the VF-2. The 17mm with the VF-1 is good for novelty value and to give a little of the vintage Leica feel but the VF-2 is genuinely the most useful accessory I've bought for the E-P2 and was the reason I traded up from the E-P1. I kept the VF-1 for an occasional street-shooting but it's just an occasional use and not an essential part of the camera. You'll love the 17mm though - I hardly ever use the kit lens but the 17mm is a crucial part of my camera kit.
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    G'day fellow Adelaidian!

    There's a 17mm for sale here in case you're interested...
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    Yes, from what I've read the VF-1 matches up to the 17mm and 20mm FOV, so the kit zoom set to either of these would work. I think it sounds less than ideal though because of the variability of a zoom, you might not be at exactly at 17mm or 20mm so you might not get the composition you were hoping for. I'd say get a 17mm to go with your VF-1; they can be found for less than $200 (I've seen a couple below $150).

    The VF-2 on the other hand is fantastic and would be a better match for the kit zoom.

    I actually sold my VF-2 though :eek:. I found myself using the GH1 more, while the E-PL1 was only seeing occasional use with a 17mm pancake. I keep going back and forth on letting go of the E-PL1 and 17mm pancake (would probably fund a Panny 20mm). I like the idea of keeping the E-PL1 + 17mm and adding a VF-1.
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    Cheers Retro Boy.. PMd accordingly.

    Thanks too for the various VF1 vs. VF2 considerations... I may stick with the VF1 and get used to the kit at 17-20mm, and am seriously considering the 17mm to add to the kitbag...

    VF2 will be on the 'wish list' as it's not cheap..

    Here's to a great season of photo opps..