E-PL1 for $280 + tax.

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    Nov 7, 2010
    B&N sells the E-PL1 for $569. Right now Groupon is selling a $20 B&N gift certificate for $10. Buy 28 + how many it takes to cover tax in your state and get the E-PL1 for half price. Groupon insists that it's only 1 GC per person/transaction. Barnes and Noble disagrees. Since it's a B&N gift certificate, they have final say. I purchased a Nook Color at my local store today with 14 GC's which cost me $140 and I have $8 in change left over. The online payment systems only allows for 3 gift cards per transaction. In store and over the phone it's unlimited. Sadly, B&N doesn't carry cameras in store. If you order online with phone payment, you can apply all the GCs. B&N also sells many other types of DSLRs as well as lenses if you are looking for something different. Just think of it as a half price sale. They sell the Oly 17mm but sadly not the Panny 20mm.
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    Jul 20, 2010
    Clever way to work the system.
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    Nov 7, 2010
    If you ordered off Groupon Deal of the Day: Find Great Deals on Fun Things to Do or merchant.groupon.com it can take hours. The one I ordered yesterday took 4-5 hours to show up. It's because the servers are slammed by this deal. I ordered another at 1am and it showed up in seconds. Use a less impacted server, touch.groupon.com. It's the mobile server. I used that all last night and it only took a couple of minutes for it to show.

    That 1 per transaction verbage has always been there. The B&N store I went to this morning called corp and was told that there is no limit. If you use the online system, it's limited to 3 due to software issues. If you pay by phone, there is no limit.