E-PL1 decision and lenses made (just about!), hello all, advice on filters n such pls


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Hi everyone

What a delight to find such a positive creative and supportive forum! Welcome relief from... er never mind.

Yes, after chatting Brian M (grateful thanks, as ever) it will be E-PL1 and EVF and the following

14 - 42 kit
20mm pany macro

I will rely on my beloved 50mm for macro and equally beloved 70-300 for super-zoom for now.

Advice please as I have to order quickly and collect in flying visit to Uk from Andalucia :


14 - 42 kit
20mm pany
9-18 Oly

what size filters do they take? (basic UV I mean) - cos I may have already among my myriad lenses!!

can they all take my Cokin grads in filter holders.... or are they rotational? I love my grads......

do they come with lens hoods? if not can I order the cheapies... if so which?? Any experiences anyone?

which adaptor (s) would I need for using

the Pany on E-PL1
my older 50 mm and 70-300 on E-Pl1.

I know I can look up and am busy doing so now... but my internet access is limited up here so may never get there without some help.



I spose one final quest...... if a superzoom were to be recommended would you go for Oly or Pany??

Brian Mosley

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Welcome to the home of m4/3rds John :friends:, If you can find a kit with the mZD 9-18 rather than the mZD 14-42 and add the 20mm f1.7 that would be good.

The mZD 14-42 is certainly an OK kit lens, but becomes a little redundant considering the ideal kit of mZD 9-18, mZD 14-150 and Lumix 20mm f1.7

As for filter sizes,
the Lumix 20mm f1.7 is a 46mm thread,
the mZD 9-18 is a 52mm and
the mZD 14-150 is a 58mm...

Good luck, and have a safe trip!

p.s. without a doubt, the mZD 14-150 would my choice of superzoom for the Pen.


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Brian Mosley

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Lisa, I thought I had seen a kit out there... but just having checked, it looks like you can get body only, body + mZD 14-42 or body + 17mm f2.8 pancake lens.



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filter capability (on the 14-42) was second biggest issue on last weeks trip to Tuscany with a new E-P1

I made the call to take it rather than a 30 + 12-60, which is my normal travel gear.

I did take an 82mm CPL and shot through that on a number of occasions, but holding up the NDG8 I also took was a step to far!

The great news was that with all that light, the jpeg engine and auto gradation, the overall results were good - the good news was the looks the silver kit got in Italy; dangling on my wrist - and my neck appreciated it too :)

Yes the 14-42 rotates, and it's an odd size for filters (40.5mm?) which I won't bother with.

The 14-150 is an obvious choice as Brian points out - although for the last few days I have been using the 12-60 (surprise surprise) but it rather defeats the object of the E-P (although video is superb....) but then again so does a single lens solution!

Just realised I left the biggest issue out - tilt/swivel LCD.....


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aargh yes, tilt and swivel...

don't tempt me Phto owl, also think tilt and swivel is vital and a sad omission on Oly's ... and it makes the g1 SOOOOOOOO tempting. It's at ludicrous prices in Uk with 14-45 kit.......... knees tremble what should I do??? lol /..... defeats the purpose of down-sizing but at 294 pounds with pay-back (I thuik that's the latest price I saw..... eeeeek.

Thanks for feedback everyone