E-P5 to change for E-M1


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I have my excellent E-P5 camera and enjoy it a lot.
However, I started to think about making a change to E-M1
I shoot posed portraits and sport only.

Want to listen your idea and advice about such migration.

Benefits of E-P5 - all functions I need, stab, smaller size and weight (important), build in flash (for WR management)
Benefits of E-M1 - bigger body for my big lenses, 81 vs 35 focus points, PAF, Phase detection AF and better C-AF for sport.

Weather sealing - no difference as I do not shoot when its required, never.
viewfinder - no difference, as I use LCD and external devices too.
External mic, HDR, screen resolution - no impact.


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Don't suppose keeping the E-P5 and buying the E-M1 in ADDITION is an option? I bought the E-P5 after the E-M1 and use each as often as the other. My reasoning was that the E-M1 has the O12-40 just about glued to it, and the E-P5 I carry everywhere, everyday with a prime attached.

(Appreciate you only shoot posed portraits and sport, but figure if would give you an en excuse to have a second body and something always on hand)

If it's not an option to maintain two bodies, then the E-M1 might better suit your needs. Don't know if you've thought of it, but benefit of it also includes the HLD-7: additional battery, adds surface area for better/alternate grip and, rather than simply duplicating controls, you can provide assignments to different functionality.


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  • bigger body for my big lenses
  • 81 vs 35 focus points
  • PAF
  • Phase detection AF
  • better C-AF for sport

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the Phase Detect Autofocus only works on 4/3 lenses (not Micro 4/3 lenses).

The major differences between an EP5 (with VF4) and an EM1 are:

  • Handling
  • Compatibility with 4/3 lenses

If you don't plan to use 4/3 lenses (you didn't mention it), then it really comes down to handling. Go pick up an EM1 somewhere and decide if you want to switch based on how it feels.


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I recently got the EM1 for the better auto focus, with view to selling EP5 (I also have a GM1 for taking everywhere)

I did some tests with the kids running at the camera, and the EP5 failed to get anything properly focused/sharp. The EM1 however did manage to get most pics sharp. It's very important you get the right settings on it though, from memory
C-AF (no tracking)
face detection off
drive mode low - 6 fps
shutter speed delay - short
(there's another setting in menu's I set to normal for af lock)

Initially when I got the camera I was quite disappointed with the AF until I found advice on the above, but now quite pleased! Most of the above can be done with a myset etc. (except for the last two which is annoying)
I think that you shouldn't go into the trade expecting the E-M1 to blow you away compared to the E-P5, although that is more a reflection of the E-P5 already being an extremely good camera rather than the E-M1 being unimpressive. I think that you've already covered the headline differences between the two and if they matter to you then you'll be happy switching to the E-M1, and if not I'd just stick with the E-P5.


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EP5 is a great camera. No need to upgrade to EM1 since the IQ were not so different except if you want to buy 12-40mm. Kinda awkward to see 12-40mm attached on EP5.


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Well, I recently did replace my E-P5 with an E-M1 - sort of. I run two bodies and had been using an E-M5 as the go-to body with larger lenses and an E-P5 as a more portable travel kit. However, I came to realise that an EVF was essential to me and the E-P5 plus VF4 is bigger and more cumbersome than the ungripped E-M5. So, I swapped my "main" camera from the E-M5 plus grip to the E-M1 and "downgraded" my E-M5 (now gripless) to be my travel camera. I'm very happy with the move.

TBH, the E-M1 isn't really a lot bigger than the E-P5 either. If you add the VF-4 I think in fact the E-M1 is probably smaller in overall dimensions.