E-P5 rear wheel problem results in new replacement camera

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by peter124, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Not long after receiving my brand-new E-P5, the rear wheel started to miss clicks. I was not pleased to become a member of this not-so-exclusive club!

    Sent it off to Precision Camera for warranty repair. It then sat in 'repair' for just over a week. Called Precision, and was told that it had been submitted to Olympus for replacement!

    And, I've just now received a FedEx shipping notice. I suppose I'm pleased that it's being dealt with, but I wonder if the new camera will have the same problem in due course. It's a shame, because I really liked the camera before it started playing up.

    So negative marks to Olympus for selling a faulty camera, but some goodwill has been won back by a relatively quick resolution.
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    Actually I haven't seen that many having issues with the E-P5 (but I'm sure you're not the only one). Most of the issues I've read about are with the E-M1.
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    E-PL5 too.
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    While the good will is inspiring the fact that Olympus has gotten what seems to be an earned reputation in numerous photography forums for putting out defective cameras has many people concerned. I have heard from several salesmen in the camera stores that customers will not even look at an Olympus camera because of all the defects they have heard about. In all the film and digital cameras I have had since the early 1970's, the only defect I have ever had in a non Olympus camera was the rear wheel on my Pentax istDS DSLR whichstarted skipping after about 8 years. The new owner still uses it but says that rear wheel has gotten quite bad. Between my two E-M10's I have had three failures which resulted in one replacement body and two repairs all within 6 months of purchase. That is a very disappointing record.
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    Every camera manufacturer has issues, even the big boys like canon and Nikon. The rear dial issue is nothing compared to dust and oil on the sensor, which was bad enough for Nikon to replace the camera model completely and all shutters on the old cameras. Nikon also has weird flare issues with the D750. I have a Nikon full frame, which I love but barely use because I enjoy my m4/3 cameras. Canon had issues with 5d mark II's autofocus and a black dot problem. The original 5d's mirror would become unglued from its mount. The Mark III had a light leak issue.

    It stinks when you buy a product that doesn't perform like it was intended, but this is not just an Olympus issue unfortunately.
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