E-P5 Focusing Question

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by retiredfromlife, Aug 2, 2016.

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    May 15, 2016
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    So far to focus my E-P5 I have been selecting the focus point using the LCD panel, changing modes using the little hand on the left bottom side.

    What I would like to sometimes do is have the focus always in the middle, select something the distance I want in focus half press to get a green square recompose then shoot. The only way I found to do it is via the SCP by setting the focus point to the middle. I gather since the green light in the upper right corner stays green after the green box flashes in the middle the focus has been locked even though the green box does not stay on. This seems to be a finicky way to do it. It there a better way?

    I also notice that when playing with focusing options I loose the vertical slider on the right side that changes the size of the auto focus box. It takes me ages of fiddling to get it back and I can never work out how best to display and or get the vertical slider back. Any tips on how this vertical slider works.

    Any advice will be appreciated.

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    The only way I can think to keep the AF point in the middle is to use the on-screen button on the left side of the LCD to turn off the FP movement on the touchscreen. It will appear as white button in a circle with a slash.
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    May 15, 2016
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    When turned off the the hand turned white with a slash the focus point does not always stay in the centre, I have to change to single in the SCP and put it in the middle. I was hoping for a better way, or perhaps a setting that kept the green square on when you half press the shutter to lock the focus like other cameras I own. But at least I can set it.

    The bit I can not work out is how to turn on the bar on the right side of the rear screen that adjusts the size of the focus box. Lost it again tonight and cant find out how to get it back, just comes back sometimes but I never know what I do to get it back. Any ideas or help on how to get the focus box slider back, or how to cycle it properly?


    Finally worked it out, if I put the focus point in the middle in live view (I think it is live view) with the green hand turned on, then cycle the view till all screen info goes off the green square stays where it was last view and stays on when the shutter is half pressed.

    If I cannot get the focus box size slider back, if I press the magnify button I can get it back. May not be the best way but it works.

    So many views and they all act differently. Slowly working it out, but I often think there must be better ways of getting the job done. I seem to fumble around so much. I wish I new someone with a Panasonic camera so I see if it is any easier with their menu system, just out of interest.

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