COMPLETED E-P5 and VF-4 kit - Black (Maybe) - Time sensative 3/2/2015

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    Aug 12, 2012
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    OK so this listing may be a little strange. (Amin let me know if you want me to pull it.)

    I'm looking for an Olympus 17mm f/1.8. Someone locally has a black E-P5 / VF-4 / 17mm kit for sale. They look nice everything seems to be included (have to confirm and need to have a closer inspection and more play time).

    But I only want the lens so would anyone like to go in on the camera and EVF?
    Seller says camera is un-registered, need to confirm if he still has the receipt.

    Still working out the prices but it would probably be about $450-$500 plus whatever fees and S&H in total for the body plus EVF. I have no problem splitting up the body and EVF as long as the total net to me covers the extra cost.

    This should probably be PayPal gift since it's a CL ad and while I will double check and give it more than a quick once over it will be an "as is" kind of deal.

    Location MA-US
    Ships to US
    Payment accepted PayPal - as mentioned should probably be gift
    Shipping method USPS Priority
    Shipping charge Actual shipping
    Handling time 1-2 Business days