E-P3 with Four-Thirds lens. Speedier - Probably.

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  1. Have this posted with my EP-3 and 12mm thread, but really should probably be on its own. So, I'll copy it to here:

    Quick update on the four-thirds focus. For the Pana-Leica 14-150mm four-thirds lens with Lumix DMW-MA1 adapter, the E-P3 definitely "hits" the target without in and out searching much more often than the E-PL1. When the focus is found "first-try" with either lens, the E-P3 is still a bit faster. Conditions were dim room, 150mm, focus object about 8 feet away, not too bad of contrasts to lock onto. Typical "hit the first time" press-til-focused splits were the better part of a second for the E-P3. About a second for the E-PL1. The "missed, and keep searching" is a lot less for the E-P1, which is more important for these. Perhaps 1 out of five for the E-P3 verses two or three out of five for the E-PL1. This was for adjusting focus point among the same four or five reference points for the subject with either camera.

    I also went out and shot with this lens "in the wild" :)rolleyes:) and that confirmed my impressions: the Pana-Leica 14-150mm sure seems a bit faster and more often able to get the focus on the first try with the E-P3.

    Good news four us four-thirds glass owners!
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  2. Thanks! This is one of the things that I've most curious about with the new E-P3.
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    Looking to testing out my ZD 50mm f2 with the E-P3... whenever my preorder ships.

    The AF is slow and inaccurate enough that I MF with that lens exclusively on my E-PL1.

    (I'm not expecting much... lol)
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    I haven't tested TOO much, but my 35/3.5 seems to AF better on my EP3 than it ever did on my EP1. It seems faster to seek, and there's less juttering back and forth as it nears lock. I'm happier with the lens now than I was before.
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