E-P2 manual focus


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I read the E-P2 manual and I don't see any explanation using the camera fully in manual mode, what I mean by this is I am trying to set Aperture and Speed.
When I set the speed manually the camera automatically set the aperture and vice-versa. Is there a way to set both Aperture and speed manually at the same time without the camera program interfering with my setting?




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?? when i put mine in the manual (M) mode I have control of shutter and speed.. and the camera doesn't change either by itself.. It does tell me if the am over or under exposed, but does not try to fix it for me..
if i set it to the manual focus mode then it's all manual
Page 40 of the english manual.....
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Thanks dcbeattie and a belated welcome, too! If you care to stop by the Welcomes and Intros forum when you have the time.:flowers_2:

Chezznut, if you're still having problems after reading the manual, please post again.