E-M5III low effort firmware features for better video recording


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Jul 6, 2021
I realy enjoy my new E-m5 iii for stills, but I am somewhat frustrated by some onlogical video limitations.

I hope OMD will fix some minor quirks that would drasticly improve video recording on this camera. I am not talking about new features like 10 bit or unlimited recording time. But about seemingly low effort “bugs” to fix. I will list them here:

Change to manual focus / manual focus override during recording
This is the big one. In video mode I assigned the depth of field preview button (the one on the front of the camera near the bottem), to manual focus mode.

I like the CAF on this camera but sometimes I want to hold focus or decide myself to make sure I got the subject.

In the preview mode, so before pressing record, this works brilliantly. The CAF helps find the subject and when I press the custom button it changes to manual and keeps the last focal point! Press the button again: boom autofocus fluently takes over for those tricky moving subjects.

But alas. During recording this is not possible. Whatever button I program, it doesn’t work. Manual override does seem to work with focus clutch lenses (although I cannnot confirm this). And in SAF + MF mode it of course works. So why limit the on-off switch for autofocus during recording?

Enable ISO adjustments on programmable button
I am aware that auto-iso is not available in M mode (seriously, please fix this like on the e-m1 iii). This is not about that but a ergenomical fix.
During recording the only way to adjust ISO value is by using the touch screen and shortcut menu. This is really fiddely to do. Why not use the iso button (or programmable) and dails? It is already possible anyway, but now I have to do it in a unergonomical way.

Only show custom button functions in videomode menu that actualy work during recording
Feeling a theme here :)? I like that you can asign custom buttons seperatly from photo mode to your liking. But the options that are shown are most of the time not working during recording: Magnify for manual focus, focus-mode, whitebalance, ISO (not trough buttons) and maybe more.. all not working when you need it while recording. So why give us the option, just dont show it in the menu to not confuse anyone.


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Apr 30, 2013
Sweden (Gothenburg)
Also, please add an Auto ISO mode that is more intelligent than this stone-age implementation that does now work very well with todays standard with IBIS bodies (Auto ISO often gets too high on my E-M5 III compared to Panny G80, very frustrating).
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