E-M5ii and 14-150 on safari

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  1. Some photos from my recent trip to Kwandwe reserve, South Africa. I found that I was at 150mm, wide open, most of the time, with ISO up to 3200 as the light dimmed. But I'm quite happy with the results - some great memories from an outstanding experience.

    (Click the thumbnails for larger images.)

    This lady had just finished snacking on a giraffe carcass, brought down the day before.

    More carnivore action.

    The light was just right for this shot. Their eyes are fixed on a lioness in the distance.

    Young male, only recently ejected from his matriarchal group.

    Amazing to see this herd ambling towards us. But it was twilight, and I could have done with more aperture!

    Of course these are just the best keepers. There are many failures and almost-failures. The most common problem was camera motion. I guess I was too excited to apply proper technique!
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    Nice shots that show that you don't need all the Pro glass to deliver outstanding results. Love the Lioness.